By Anonymous - 08/03/2010 14:35 - United States

Today, I have a rash all over my face because yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me. Apparently, I am allergic to the something in the tissues with which I was blowing my nose and wiping away my tears. FML
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Roseicat 16

Double FYL.

Holy hell. Are you allergic to getting dumped? If I had that type of allergy I wouldn't have survived middle school.


So, you're single now? Giggity.

stealthpanda 1

hahaha nice

i knw it can be hard knw, but dnt worry ull get over it

well that blows...

tomahawkinyouall 0

awwwww rub ur rashy face all over him while he's sleeping

tomahawkinyouall 0

I totally just saw a Kleenex commercial

hey OP I don't think it's from the tissue that's happend to me when guys broke up with me, I think just the excessive wiping makes it seem like a rash, cause when I've blown my nose other times when sick or just wipe away a few tears I don't get one

@13 pun intended?

that's shitty the rash is like a slap in the face

Monikabug 9

@39, that is what I was thinking. If you blow your nose and wipe your face excessively, it came make your skin raw and itchy. But, it could also be that the tissues had lotion in them, which is definitely not good for your eyes! Sorry about the boyfriend, OP, but I am even more sorry that you had that reaction from your tissues! Give it a few days and the swelling will definitely go down! But for now? FYL.

@40 yup.. I excel in bad puns

tehamericanboy94 0

Number 1 wins..

InCaged_Insanity 0


@39 marry me!!! ur hot. i think

LOL at 65's questioning if I'm hott haha

man shut dis shxt up, hell y'all feelin sorry for op? don't cry ova no nigga

she found out that she was allergic

YDI for crying and not realizing the other fishes in the sea.

hhaalleeyy95 0

Sorry but this seems unrealistic.

I can see why he broke up with her considering she blames the break up for the rash and not the fact that she was crying

noobgang7 5

lol pizza face

Roseicat 16

Double FYL.

I'm sorry 3: ..mudkipz?? :D

killabeast1 0

that's so not funny assholes

aaron084 0

This post maybe the only FML post that i've read where I can honestly say that sucks. that's like a double whammy. I'm sure things will get better for you.

PsychoMerk 0

oh my god!!!!! xD rofl ;p

This is absolutely horrible! FYL :(

Holy hell. Are you allergic to getting dumped? If I had that type of allergy I wouldn't have survived middle school.

I so lol'd at this!

geordieboysgirl 0

Sorry sweetie, that's horrible. It probably doesn't seem like it, but things will get better.