By Itchy Missy - 10/09/2014 03:38 - United States - Denver

Today, I got more pleasure from itching the bed bug bites from sleeping over at my boyfriend's house than I got from actually sleeping with him. FML
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erm, if hes actually got bed bugs, you should really have him take care of that...unless you want to bring them home with you :S jussayin. they're tough little bastards.

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#3 there's a button for that, it looks a bit like a thumbs up

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Yeah #3 there was no reason to say that..

I wonder if OP's bf thinks the same thing

i wonder how her boyfriend copes with them...?

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By saying that you just created more useless comments! and so did I

I agree with 49, 50, & 71. Hold on did I get everyone?

Not the sex screaming type, but the sincere, "that ******* sucked."

I think it's because he didn't say "Don't let the bed bugs bite" before they drifted off to sleep.

54 I'm not sure if the pun was intended but it's great :)

erm, if hes actually got bed bugs, you should really have him take care of that...unless you want to bring them home with you :S jussayin. they're tough little bastards.

I think I would be more worried about the bad sex...

Actually, depending on how long he's had them, it's likely she's already taken them home. Unless she's taken precautions (i.e., spraying her shoes with alcohol after leaving, throwing her clothes in the dryer immediately upon returning home or before leaving his place). Likewise for when he stops in for a visit. OP, you may want to have a pest control company inspect your home. They're horrible little creatures and the larger the infestation, the more difficult they are to get rid of.

Bed bugs are NOT easy to take care of especially since they are a huge epidemic in the U.S. Once you fight to get rid of them costing lots of money, they can come back very easily.

You're right, but the sooner you catch an infestation and have a succession of treatments done, the greater your chances are of irradicating them. Also, thoroughly following all prepratory procedures given by the pest control company, which most people are very lax about. But the chances of clearing a single family home are greater than those of an apartment building as they can move from unit to unit.

#23: 17 looks to be some kind of cowboy, so he might already be used to sleeping in the hayloft with vermin crawling all over his ass. "Don' worry 'bout them bedbugs, li'l girl--pickup trucks, painted-on jeans, old dirt roads, and Jack Daniels will take care of 'em. Yeehaw!"


At least your boyfriend didn't BUG you.

This comment is in like 2/3 of all FML comment sections.

And this type of FML is 2/3 of all FMLs. I can't tell you how many times I've seen an FML like this.

Wait, which one's nasty? The apparently really bad sex, or the bed bugs? Because both can fit that description.

I know the pleasure those itchy stings give. it's great! But if this is a usual situation in your bedroom you should really spice things up! you are on the internet, there are more tips out there than you even could reproduce. Try some new things!

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I agree, willingness to explore new things in the bedroom is key to a good love life!

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Exactly. A boring bedroom will kill a relationship pretty easily. Have an open kind, communicate with your partner and try some new techniques. There is a faction out there for almost anything you can think of.

That sounds like a very dysfunctional relationship... You and your boyfriend need to talk and communicate more.

While sleeping with him, make him scratch your bug bites. yeaaah!

That really sucks… I know what the bastards are like, and it's almost impossible to get rid of them. I'd take care of that.