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By  OrchidKitten  |  21

I know how you feel. For months I had red spots on my arms, back and legs before finding out what the cause was. I had even gone to the doctor, only to be told it was hives. Luckily the infestation was confined to my bedroom only, I hope that was the same for you.

By  PikaGirl41114  |  6

been there, done that. my father in law likes to bring stuff from the side of the road to inside our house, he brought three dressers into our house two years ago, put two of them in my son's room, and guess who got the butt of the infestation? And guess who has very severe case of paranoia? me! so, took about 1.5 years to get rid of them. father in law still has them on his bed couch, I'll find the occasional one here or there, but no more than one.