By medstudent - 04/02/2009 21:24 - United States

Today, it was the first time I ever saw a vagina in person. It was during medical school training on how to do a pelvic exam. FML
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its ok dude just because all these ppl have WAY too muchh experience doesnt mean something is wrong with you ur cool :D

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Dr_Phil 0

Drawing class at my $26k a year school. FML

this is why EVERYONE should remember...."if it feels like more than two's probably a dick"

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*Heavy sigh/shakes head* Epic fail

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I... wouldn't be entirely surprised if this happens to be in a few years.

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erm. I meant "me". too late to edit.

that's awesome hahahahahaha wait till you do your OB rotation and see their vag wrip to their ass hole, yummy!