By zzdug - 08/02/2010 03:19 - United States

Today, I got mauled by a cat named Mr. Sprinkles. FML
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justanotherbird 19

Win for Mr. Sprinkles!

YDI for trying to put him in the freezer, dwight


justanotherbird 19

Win for Mr. Sprinkles!

Mr. sprinkles? isn't that the name of angela's cat from the office

GeoThermalSleuth 0

Yeah, which really is messed up. Dwight Froze Mr. Sprinkles 2 Years ago, Which can only mean 1 thing ... That Cat is a Zombie! OP you are now one of the infected, ... Join Us! We have Cookies!

jazziloveberryy 3

how cute? X-D

Lordlucian 0

YDI for naming him Sprinkles

You don't know it's OP's cat asshole.

npk88 0

YDI for copying this from that episode of the office. Which "coincidentally" was on last night

toxic10uhc 0

epic win.

michael32123 0

evil kittens named after delightful toppings > OP

OMG I'm totally stealing that cat name!!!! amazing!!! wonderful!!! MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!

also, mauled means slashed open... I don't think you would be in a state to post this...

Fuzzygraywolf 0

that sucks,but remember that the three headed dog in Harry potter was named fluffy.

NatandAlexrhot 6

mr.sprinkles wins epically.

cenax27 0

mr sprinkles should be introduced to my hunting rifle in the middle of the woods where no one could hear a gun shot

could be worse...

Dw i'n ddim yn hoffi cathod! I seem to have grown a habit of commenting in Welsh...

Oh well, least you didn't get mauled by a tiger named "skin eater".

Mr. Sprinkles, sprinkle some whoop ass on this foo!

WORSE: I hate cats.

I hate you for hating cats you ugly hater (I made a funny there) Mr. Sprinkles huh? that's embarassing...

88, you fail, cat hater. You fail because you hate cats, and we will find you. Mr. Sprinkles will find you...


agree with

BrownSugar_fml 5

Today, I don't really care.

Um so y'd u comment then? :000

skeleton_skinner 0

Cats are evil

YDI for trying to put him in the freezer, dwight

midgetsmustdie 0

you shouldn't of been a pussy.

A pussy attacked by a pussy

You forgot to say WHY you were mauled so it's impossible for us to tell whether or not you deserved it.

You clearly tried to bone him, which is why the cat mauled you. Even the cat knew that beastiality wasn't right.

That's Interspecies Erotica. Get it right.

Bestiality* Correct me if I'm wrong, since you clearly have no problem with that, but I'm fairly certain that interspecies erotica and bestiality are the same thing. Amidoingitrite?

Bennjie 0

do you mean beastiality? xD

I decided to look it up, since bestiality sounds correct to me. bes⋅ti⋅al⋅i⋅ty –noun, plural -ties. 1. brutish or beastly character or behavior; beastliness. 2. indulgence in beastlike appetites, instincts, impulses, etc. 3. an instance of bestial character or behavior. 4. sexual relations between a person and an animal; sodomy. -