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Yeah, which really is messed up. Dwight Froze Mr. Sprinkles 2 Years ago, Which can only mean 1 thing ... That Cat is a Zombie!

OP you are now one of the infected, ... Join Us! We have Cookies!

  Ashle1gh  |  14

Correct me if I'm wrong, since you clearly have no problem with that, but I'm fairly certain that interspecies erotica and bestiality are the same thing.

  Ashle1gh  |  14

I decided to look it up, since bestiality sounds correct to me.

bes⋅ti⋅al⋅i⋅ty –noun, plural -ties.
1. brutish or beastly character or behavior; beastliness.
2. indulgence in beastlike appetites, instincts, impulses, etc.
3. an instance of bestial character or behavior.
4. sexual relations between a person and an animal; sodomy.