By sostupid - United States
Today, my friend and I drove three hours to attend a U2 concert. We had been psyched about the tickets for weeks because they were awesome seats (my early Christmas present). After a long drive, we get to the venue and I realize in horror that I left tickets at home, on my desk, three hours away. FML
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  OhhxGoshhxAri  |  0

Agreed. You ALWAYS have to check to make sure you have your tickets. I mean, if I'm going to a show I'm desperate to see, I check like every few seconds and make SURE I have them immediately after I leave. You deserve it. Completely. Why did you not check?! Or if you did check, next time don't forget them after you've checked.

  White667  |  0

Surely the venue has a record of the tickets, either a name or credit card assigned to their purchase to prove that they're yours. Logically you could get into the concert still.

  venkiro  |  2

I posted about the oct 6 concert and it didn't make it up here. all you did was forget your tickets? I got a speeding ticket sat in 3 and a half hours of traffic missed the concert because I couldn't get to the venue and couldn't get a refund on the tickets cause I didn't pay the extra 15$ per ticket for "refund insurance" I had floor tickets and apparently Muse was awesome.

  MagicMeds  |  0

U2 is good! (I personally dislike them since it's not my style but I have enough musical knowledge to realize that they are actually fairly skilled)

Green Day, however, is terrible. Very little musical talent in that band. Oh well at least the "rebellion" fanboys love them...

  UglyKid345  |  0

Wow...I'd probably kill myself if I forgot the tickets to Green Day's concert.
I'm that much of a fan I'll probably fly back at home to get them x]

Starchild12:There's nothing wrong with liking Green Day or U2.I like them both and personally their music is waaaaaaaaay better than that Disney crap or rap.

By  Kimbug  |  0

That sucks for you, but it's really YDI. You didn't check to make sure you had the awesome tickets before you left? Isn't that the most important thing?