By 16seconds - 08/02/2010 01:56 - United States

Today, I had to buy a wrist splint for my carpal tunnel syndrome. Not because I'm a computer programmer or some hot shot web designer but because I spend ALL of my time playing Solitaire on my laptop. FML
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Solitaire?! Have you never heard of Minesweeper?

sure solitaire. bet thats just what he told his mom he was doing on his laptop ;)


YDI, get a life. On the other hand, Solitaire is pretty addictive. Especially Spider.

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Agreed. BTW, solitare is a game made for the lonely. =( for you.

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stfu all of you it all about p I n b a l l

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lol no one plays the games that come with the computers unless it's old lonely people.

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Or secretaries who get bored at their job. *cough*

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I think we all thought that was going in a different direction

you can't get carpal tunnel from computer gaming/programming, web designing. there have been plently of tests to disprove that myth. you got carpal tunnel from a wrist injury. the only occupation that has been proven to contribute to carpal tunnel is assembly lines.

Actually my Dad worked at a computer for 8 years and the doctor said thats what its from reply from #58 Solitaires fun especially Spider!

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Look it up on a medical website. You don't get carpal tunnel from being on the computer or typing for extended periods of time.

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Sounds hella lot like my grandpa.

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have you tried the final fantasy series? I love those games.

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58 both my parents have had carpal tunnel as well as one of my friends and none of them work on assembly lines. I don't think you know whAt the **** you're talkin bout

sure solitaire. bet thats just what he told his mom he was doing on his laptop ;)

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thats the first thing i thought. its disgusting how much spider solitaire i can play in a day

I was hoping he'd say because he wanks a lot, that'd be hilarious lmao

hey!!! that is rude! hey does not deserve it and i dont like your tone...... bitch!

I think he was doing something else that involves being alone. *wink* *wink*

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it had better been spider solitaire. geez your a loser regular solitaire sucks. upgrade to spider solitaire. xD hahah

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Indeed. That definitely says something about you, OP. Sorry about the carpal tunnel thing though.

Solitaire?! Have you never heard of Minesweeper?

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yls u shouldn't be punished for liking a good game

You can't even spell it properly, you poor bastard. It's CARPAL, not CARPEL, you illiterate American. You just made me sad, are you happy now? :(

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Don't correct somebody if you can't spell either.

Now you have an excuse to stay in and play even more solitaire, just use your other hand.