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Today, I had my blood drawn for a lab test. I was then given a container so I could give a urine sample. In the middle of peeing, I got woozy, started blacking out, and hit my head against the wall. A nurse discovered me with my pants down. FML
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So...A little back story. I went to the doctor to get tests because I often feel faint and dizzy in the mornings and it's quite an inconvenience. Just last week, when I took my cat to the vet, I ended up starting to black out randomly. Pretty embarrassing and obviously super inconvenient, as I had to drive home afterwards and was doubtful about whether or not I was okay enough to drive home. I get to the verge of fainting often enough to concern me. I've gotten a few tests over the years, but my doctor remains largely unconcerned about it. She thinks it's just my very low blood pressure, but I do everything I can to help that. I drink lots of water, eat salty snacks, and never get up too quickly-- but it doesn't help. So, ironically, I ended up fainting at a doctors' appointment to look into why I keep almost fainting. To answer some frequently asked questions: No, the nurse wasn't "impressed." I'm a female. Also, I think me lying on the floor immobile kind of killed the mood.

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dont worry nurses have seen everything..

47: I think "urine trouble" was a pun for "you're in trouble"...


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They didn't give op a cookie? :(

When you're going to the bathroom, usually your pants are down..way to be a creep about it.

Generally when you have to take a blood test, you have to fast for a certain amount of time and sometimes people black out because they haven't eaten. So #1, don't be insensitive.

dont worry nurses have seen everything..

True true... But either way it sounds like urine trouble OP.

Things like that happens to the best of us, it's imbarassing, but it'll fade.

..........uhhhh, I should facepalm all day here.... ^ #12: It's not "urine trouble". It's vasal vagul (not too sure on the spelling) from having blood drawn. I get it all the time. It's a combination of low blood pressure and how your body responds to a wound (it doesn't matter what size)... I did that once AS I was having blood drawn with my grandmother beside me, she said the way I passed out and shook like I did seemed as if I was having a seizure.... LOL. (I was not). But it's absolutely NOTHING serious.

47: I think "urine trouble" was a pun for "you're in trouble"...

Yeah, I realized that afterwards.... =__= ....usually I'm not slow with those. Horrible pun, anyway. And my point is still valid, pun or no pun.

54- holy shit. Shut the **** up. Have a great day.

54 - I don't like you and I'm sure many others feel the same way.

#2 True. From what I could remember (I was pretty out of it and could barely move) she didn't seem too phased by it all.

47- Seems all of us could "facepalm" you all day long. How you didn't get that one is beyond me. Then you continue talking saying "it is a horrible pun". For one I found it quite brilliant. Two, it's obviously not horrible since you didn't seem to understand it. You're only saying it is horrible to try to cover up for the fact that you are just simply retarded.

99- That's awesome how you responded. Most OP's don't do that(:

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It's funny how ppl say "they have seen everything" and think that it makes everything OK. I have seen naked women, guys sisters naked from all angles too, does it mean it's ok if I see a random passed out chick with her pants down in teh toiletz??? The only difference between me and docs is that they can't go like " Omg you japanese have invented robots yet you don't know anything about a ******* razor?". etc etc.

126, You've seen a few naked people? Good for you. When you've reinserted peoples prolapses, changed colostomy bags, cleaned foul smelling infected untreated wounds or unhygienic areas, seen countless infections, sores, boils and warts in all kinds of places then maybe you'll have a basis of comparison. The point is, these people have seen enough to no longer have the shock value in minor incidents. If you think seeing a naked girl is a big deal then you're nowhere near in a position to comment.

54: You're new around these here parts aren't you?

This is mean.... But yet...yeah I'm gonna thumb it up

Original poster should be grateful it was a nurse, not a stranger, that found her. Nurses have seen far worse situations. Hopefully, one day, you'll laugh about it.

Hear, Hear!!! Very good point. It's all in a days work for us... :)

#133 I am grateful, and I already am laughing about it. That's why I posted it on FML. A stranger actually did see me before the nurse did, though. She peeked under the stall and didn't do anything about it, didn't even ask if I was okay actually. The nurse only came in after my mom mentioned that I'd been in the bathroom for quite a long time.

#175 It wasn't a drug test. I was getting tested to see why I start blacking out/feel dizzy/almost faint on a regular basis.

Fail. It's actually called vasovagal syncope, and no, it's not anything fancy - it's quite simply the medical term for fainting. If you want to watch one episode of Scrubs and come here acting like a smartass medical hotshot, at least do some research first.

Sounds like you are in the right place if you fainted that easily!!

I've noticed a trend of these comments lately...

48- same. 4- I'd probably stop commenting for a bit..wait until your sense of humor is functioning properly. #48 has a good point.

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Lol I like this one particularly because this happened to me today besides I didn't make it to the bathroom. I was waiting for it and passed out on the floor.. First time getting blood taken and it was an awful experience!

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Could be worse. You could have woken up to your pants back on and the nurse smoking a cigarette and giving you a devilish grin

At least you were at the right place!

There's never a good place to pass out while holding a cup of urine.

#92 I'm a lady, so I don't know what she would be "impressed" by.

By your large ****** of course. Who doesn't like a large ******?

She's just saying that cause the nurse was not impressed.

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Sounds like the start of a ****

#120 My ****** is plenty nice, thanks very much. I just don't think me lying on the floor immobile really put her in the mood.

38- I haven't laughed this hard at a comment in a very long time. Carry on.

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i don't think that's the way he wants to beat around the bush.

It didn't specify whether it was a male or female nurse. Derp.

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harpy why are you in that position

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Woah, OP has almost 400 comments :o

Caramel, why is your hand between your legs?

96 - so did you (remember to shave)?? Haha

164 - I accidentally switched you and did.. People make mistakes.

-145, I believe she clearly stated that yes, she did :P

Now that she has seen your package you can ask her on a date =)

Unless OP is a lesbian or bisexual, I don't think she would want to go on a date with the nurse.

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OP is a girl...I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a package that would make the nurse wanna go out with her.

It said a nurse, not a female nurse. Remember, men can make good nurses too, just like women can make good doctors.

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I like to think I have a "package" - even if it doesn't show.

22cute 17

With a fluffy pink bow on it

8- that sounds like a fantastic idea. Is that how your boyfriend asked you out? Oh wait...

How awkward... I took my top off when the male doctor just wanted me to lift it up :/ Not the same but I think everyone has had awkward experiences x.x

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What an awkward situation. -_-