By Arcam - 13/09/2012 17:25 - United Kingdom - Edinburgh

Today, I had my first accident in 5 years of driving. I clipped a Ford Fiesta, mirror to mirror. His mirror is totally destroyed. Mine is fine. I was so stressed afterwards that I reversed straight into another car. FML
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Fortunately the entire Fiesta costs about 100 pounds. You can probably find enough change in your sofa to fix it.


The car he backed into was probably damaged more than just the mirror.

We need to remember the true victims in this scenario. The guy with the broken mirror, and the person who probably has at least one side of their car totaled.

First thing I would do after bumping a car is floor it another. Maybe you should be more careful

If I were you OP after the second accident I wouldn't try to drive again that day

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It could have been a lot worse! At least there were no hospital trips!

Now Im not sure if theres actual irony here because I dont see it

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Hmm I don't see any irony here...unless you were implying OP's car is made of iron

The basic definition of 'irony' is: "the reverse of what you expect to happen, happens." He probably thinks that you don't crash into a car, and do it again almost instantly.

I like how people use that word without even knowing what it means

It is ironic in a way. It's a very weak example, and you have to dig deep to get it, but it's an example nonetheless.

I think it would be ironic if we were all made of iron.

There is 3 types of irony and this FML contains none.

There's as much irony here as there is sarcasm.

I think he means it's ironic because OP's mirror was ok after the first accident...then reversed into someone even though he should've been able to see the other car in his fully functioning mirror. Probably.

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I salute you greenie213 for that quote from Red vs Blue. Caboose is my favorite character.

It was a Ford Fiesta. It's a given that it'll come out the loser; OP's car just beat it into submission.

Even with a mirror? That's just so ironic.

Fortunately the entire Fiesta costs about 100 pounds. You can probably find enough change in your sofa to fix it.

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No, he did not mean *weighs* 100 pounds, my fellow culturally challenged Americans

#20: I don't think most of us are that stupid. I understood what DocBastard was saying; that's why he wrote "costs about 100 pounds."

I'm pretty sure a lot of us know that pounds is a currency.

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Yikes, definitely didn't mean to group all Americans in that. I was more trying to prevent the one idiot from posting something trying to correct him. Unfortunately I've seen it before. Poorly worded on my part

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Ziiing...nice one Doc. I was gonna say the Fiesta probably looked better afterwards.

"oh my god I'm so stressed!" *puts it in reverse and floors it*

Interesting reaction to that. But alright. Haha. And it was only a mirror OP. and a ford fiesta at that. Imagine if it was a Mercedes mirror. With the turning light, auto dimming mirror, downward light, mirror motor, mirror folding motor, and the defrosting mirror. You would have driven off a cliff!