By Look's like she's paying all of it now. - 06/06/2017 02:00

Today, I got into a very intense fight with my roommate about rent payment. She got so angry that she snatched my purse, walked out into the hallway and threw it down the garbage chute. Along with my money, my driver's licence, my credit cards and my monthly pay check was in that purse. FML
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Time for a new roommate.

2 words: Anger Management


2 words: Anger Management

Omg...what a psycho. (The only way I can think that you deserved this is if you have been the asshole, but I'm assuming this is not the case here).

Time for a new roommate.

You oughta chute her!

Your wording kind of implies that you haven't paid your share of the rent and makes me wonder if it's an ongoing problem. People who do not pay their rent in full and on time eventually get evicted so I'm thinking YDI

It honestly could be either. Either OP isn't paying rent, or the roommate. Can't tell if it's an FML or a YDI until further clarification lol

Read the OP's nickname. I think that pretty much confirms she was the one who wasn't paying.

No, the name is referring to that her purse was just thrown away so NOW OP can't pay. It's unclear who didn't wanna pay before, but now OP can't pay since she paycheck is gone.

No... no it doesn't. Regardless who was paying the rent, the roommate definitely will be "paying all of it now", because OP's purse is down the garage chute. So that tells us nothing. In fact if anything, it makes more sense that the roommate WASN'T paying it, because you wouldn't to say that she'll be "paying it *now*" if she had in fact been paying all along anyway.

ohsnapword 21

I'd throw her down the chute after it.

doesn't the chute wind up in a trash can ? Grow up take,a chair climb in the damn trash and get your shit! it's the 5th no wonder she is mad!

Looks like the dumpster-diving guy from yesterday was a day early and a dollar short.

Thank god you don't have a baby!

Go get it? It's not a black hole, there is a destination.