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Today, I went to a big job interview. Everything went well at first, with the interviewer being impressed by my CV. I was then interrogated over not having a Facebook account, and practically accused of being a criminal, because people without them "always have something to hide". FML
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Well, what are you trying to hide? On a more serious note, if they're that suspicious, you might not want to work with them anyway.

Well, that sucks a tonne, Facebook is overrated anyway.


Well, that sucks a tonne, Facebook is overrated anyway.

It's not overrated, it's a great way to stay connected in general. I mean sure there are people who post annoying and repetitive status updates, but it can be very useful. For example I was in the cast of a musical and the director created a Facebook group to give us notes and rehearsal schedules, so we would remember. It's the annoying people that are overrated, not Facebook.

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He should of said Facebook is for no life losers who can't lose their virginity.

42- Except for that is a hollow insult, as many people use it. I mean I agree that this dude is a total bitch, there is no NEED to use Facebook. However, there is nothing wrong with using it.

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Since you use it doesn't mean it's not over-rated. I use it (though I only use it for music news and have no friends) and I think it is highly over-rated. Plus, most people would rather keep in good contact with a select few rather than mediocre and unnecessary contact with hundreds of people you care nothing about. Oh your cat just sneezed? Oh you're having a rough day because you're boyfriend hasn't texted you back yet? Oh you're at a concert wasting your time on facebook rather than watching the show? NO ONE CARES!!! Now excuse me while I go punch the wall a few times and not make a status about it.... though I kinda just did.... stupid internet!

Well, there is a simple solution to that. Don't friend those kind of people! I only friend family and close friends, and smart people that don't post bitchy crap. Also, there is a way to disable notifications like that, so I don't have a problem with that. Therefore , like you just described, I can easily keep in touch with a lot of good friends, say, in a Facebook group for my summer camp! We have a great time in that Facebook group talking to eachother since we rarely see eachother.

I am a proud owner of a Facebook account. And guess what? No one posts or comments that kind of trivial crap where I can see it. The problem you have is with the people you friend, not with Facebook itself. It's not Facebook's fault that you know too many idiots.

Facebook is just a waste of time. All kids do nowadays is sit inside side on their laptops and Facebook BS all day. Get outside and play a sport.

I purposely friend whiney bitches and troll them all day long. Does it get me laid? Lol no. Do I care? Nope! IMO, the Internet is for lols.

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38- Yes but did he really need to bitch about him/her not using Facebook? The Console War is crossing the borders to Facebook.

Sucking on a tone? I didn't know that was possible. Regardless, Facebook is sort of a cancer; props for kicking conformity in the balls, OP.

65- Don't be an idiot. Adults do it just as much as kids... The fact that this FML is about two adults proves that. 72- As you can see earlier, I never sided with that bitch. I simply said Facebook isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just depends how you use it.

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tonne is an alternate spelling of ton. remember that the internet is not just in the US.

I use it to stay connected with my dad who left me when I was 1.

Actually, a tonne is more of the metric equivalent of a ton - it is 1000 kg instead of 2000 lb. They are still pretty similar, but I don't think it was a good idea to make the words so similar.

125- You realize that 1000kg is equal to 2000lbs, right?

This is what we have telephones and email for. Not stupid Facebook, it's completely unnecessary.

Well, what are you trying to hide? On a more serious note, if they're that suspicious, you might not want to work with them anyway.

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Why not just make a Facebook anyways? I mean it's not like you have to use it. If it gets you the job then **** it.

"You have suspiciously little Facebook activity, what are you hiding?" Also, then they'd just think OP was groveling. Which, really, he would be. What the hell are you replying to my comment for anyway? Doesn't have shit to do with your reply.

Some of us avoid Facebook because we think its upper management has no regard or track record for user privacy, and we don't want them to profit off of our having an account with them.

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It has relevance to the post and FML, hence why I commented. Also considering FML is a place where you can comment on any post, I have every right to comment on this.

117- You threadjacked. We all do it sometimes, don't try and give us "freedom to post" bullshit though, just admit it.

I don't have a Facebook either. It is just way too overrated and addicting.

I don't think it's that addicting. I only know about three interesting people, and they post about once every two weeks.

I'd have failed courses by now if Facebook wasn't around. You'd be surprised how much ACTUAL productive group work can happen, as opposed to offline.

Personally, I stopped using it in June because I couldn't handle it. They say it isn't an addiction until you suck dick for it, and lets just say I've done things I'm not proud of for an Internet connection.

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I don't have a Facebook..but I am currently running away from my old Polish gang. Once you're in a Polish gang you can never get out, kind of like Facebook. Haha.

I only created a Facebook account this summer to meet people at college prior to getting there and have some friends going in. Thing is I don't give a damn about Facebook and go on once every week if that for about 5 minutes and then all of my ***** have been given

Facebook is a big distraction and it's addicting

So what you're saying is, you have so little self-control that you can't even moderate your usage of a website, therefore... the website is to blame?!

"facebook is a distraction" ... well of course it is ! I use it as form of entertainment

10 no, I am not talking about myself. Yes, I do have a facebook , but I am not that much into it. It can be addicting for certain people, I've heard enough people complain about it.

23- Regardless of whether its you or other people's problem, the point remains valid. People just want to blame their addictions on everything except themselves.

Distracting and addicting? Sounds like every popular website ever created, namely one that starts with an F and ends in ML, if you know what I mean.

41- you're supposed to be the hipster of FML! Why yo no bash Facebook for being mainstream?

Well I am not a regular user of Facebook, I just use it for academic purposes, for example you can see my comments on the first post in which I talked about a musical Facebook group. But in order to please any nonexistent fans out there, here goes- Ugh, what the hell bro. I mean, Facebook WAS cool, back when I was the only one on it. The only reason I'm supporting Facebook in this arguement is because everyone on this FML seems to dislike Facebook, and I simply MUST be in the minority.

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.. I have nothing to hide and I dont have Facebook.

These comments are so reassuring, for a while there I thought I was the only one without one.

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"You sir! Do you have a Facebook?!" "N-no...but I--" "YOU MUST BE HIDING SOMETHING!!!"

5 - that's exactly what someone would say if they did have something to hide

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#5 + 12 you both are not alone! I too have no Facebook and have never been more content. After I deleted it I felt like I had more time to literally interact with people rather than stalk them from a computer screen

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5- you dont have a profile picture.. you must be hiding something !

Does it really matter, why does he even care? And what does that have to do with the job anyway?

Some interviewers look on their facebooks to see what kind of people they are and what they are willing to show on the Internet. It's like a reflection of their personality

Which is against Facebook policy and I would totally ask to see their bank account to "make sure my employer is financially stable" this what society has become? If you aren't technologically connected, you don't exist. Terrible -sent from my $200 smart phone

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I agree, and it is sad. Very few people I know do not have a FB account or any social media account at all. And when they tell people that, they get suspicious b/c apparently not having FB is in this FML. I fear that job interviews will focus mainly on your FB account in the future. However people are different online and sometimes post things they later regret. This is why you should have just your friends on fb not every person youve stared at. It will look cleaner and will be easier to manage.

Exactly...and it all devolves to shallow interactions. Albert Einstein said "I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." Kind of saddening to see his prediction coming true

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I have checked people Facebook accounts when interviewing people. It is unreal what people post for the public to see.

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And their grammar and spelling skills, apparently.

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Yeah, if you're stupid enough to let it.

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91, thumbed you up both for your snarky comment and your profile pic. Freaking love it! I would have messaged you (or whatever it is called on this) but I use the app.

just lie and say you are part of the witness protection program.Or you should have said: "yeah I just robbed a bank, how else do you think I got here?"

Har har good one! That would have worked for sure.

If that's how they think you don't want to work there anyway, Scarface.