By Anonymous - 20/04/2013 16:34 - Thailand

Today, I can no longer leave my son at daycare, because at the age of 5, he's started manipulating the girls there into fighting over him. A kid lost a baby tooth in one such brawl. FML
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Marty20612 5

Lol that's funny:) He's already a lady's man


Maybe he can give you a few tips? Seriously, though, OP, perhaps you should sit him down and have a chat.

Hey the daycare doesn't have to Tate that kind of abuse from your child they should be learning to be part of a Family and strive for Sharon and cooperation. Would it Kill you to keep your kid in line the world's Helter-Skelter enough sheesh

Maybe he can give you some tips? No, but seriously, OP, maybe it's time to sit him down and have a chat?

Marty20612 5

Lol that's funny:) He's already a lady's man

He's going to be a heart breaker one day!

Or a face breaker if he continues to have women fight over him.

Bubbelz 25

He's a tooth breaker already!

I hope he's capitalizing on that skill.

klovemachine 24

Did you miss the part where it says "FUTURE" pimp? As in, NOT right now?

groovycrazyjoe 18

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How does Johnny Knoxvill fit into this comment?

Authoress14 15

I see a CIA operative in his future career

musiciangirl591 16

"the name's bond, james bond" :P

iLike2Teabag 27

Because James Bond is totally CIA and totally American. C'mon man.

musiciangirl591 16

34- i saw CIA operative and its the first thing that popped into my head :P

Bourne was ex medusa then treadstone. He was only used by the CIA wasn't actually a operative.

What, are you gonna make him wear a chastity belt & groin lock before high school? (: Kids are so sexually precocious these days....

Welcome to the Jersey Shore Day Care :).

I apologize that my own brand of wit has been lost on you and you felt the need to spread your unhappiness. You should work on that and try not to take yourself so seriously! (Sarcasm indicated)