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Today, I got rear-ended while on my way to work. This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't pregnant, suffering from a horrible UTI, and running a fever. My boss called in sick, so now I'm stuck running the office alone. With whiplash. FML
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y33katelynballa 0

If you had gotten rear-ended in the first place you probably wouldn't be pregnant.


LiveLaughFML 10

why didn't you call in sick? all of that stress definitely isn't good for you or your baby! you should have called in third in command.

Having a fever and being pregnant is dangerous. You should be at home!

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

Tell me if this is a stupid question, but can bosses do that?

OP, why did you even leave the house?!?!?

Normaly pregnant women that have fever, go to the doctor, so i'm goin with a YDI for being such a workaholic that your baby's health came second

Finn_the_human 5

You should be worried about the babies whiplash. = [

effyoubitch 5

**** your boss, I would be at the hospital checking on my baby!

krazy_glu3 0

You got into a car accident and didn't go to the hospital to make sure the babies ok? You can tell the boss to suck it up because your baby is more important. Make sure the baby is ok!!!

morgan020 0

The fever is most likely caused from the uti. And hopefully her dr knows about it. And if he does then he probably told her that as long as it stays below a certain temp she will be fine. When I was pregnant with my son I had strep throat in my first trimester and the flu in my third trimester. My dr never got worried as long as I was drinking plenty of fluids. And depending on how far along she is going to the dr to have the baby checked out wouldn't do much good anyways. Unless she is past 24 weeks they won't do anything for the baby if it goes into distress. It will be a very slim chance of surviving before that point if they induce her or do a c section and that's about it. There arent many meds they can give her or anything else. Her taking it easy for the next few days and resting and drinking plenty of fluids would be the best thing for her unless she starts spotting or having contractions. My son is 3 and my husband and I have had 3 miscarriages since his birth and I am now 8 weeks pregnant again praying this time the baby holds on til I'm full term.

Confuciussay 6

52 - This is a stupid question. There I told you.

stacianichole 2

It's nice to know there are well educated individuals floating around here, not just the normal "OMG what about your baby you negligent idiot!"

I'm sorry to hear about that, abd hopefully everything will turn out ok. I am concerned about the fever, because my mother had one when she was pregnant again, the doctor didn't find anything suspicious about it, because all the symptoms resemled a flu. But after the 6 month she started to get extreme pain, turns out that the baby wasn't growing in the right place, after an emergency operation because my mom had internal hemorrage my baby brother died and my mom almost as well. So i do know a little bit, and i think that OP should screw work, and tend more to her baby. If the boss fires her she could go for unrightfull termination or how americans say it.

Sounds like a profitable lawsuit to me :-)

I agree with #91, you as a mother, should worry about the baby, a uti, fever, and car crash needed to have been followed by a hospital trip, YDI, BUT YOUR BABY DOESN'T! Idiot!

Well I'm not sure what that random anger is for. But if randomly comment and saying 'you suck' is what makes your life bearable, whatever.

you are a dick. 'at least you lived' really? go **** yourself.

y33katelynballa 0

Women like this keep this nation semi-strong. If only we had more hobos like this... we would be unbeatable!

If there were more women like that there would be no more children in the world and humans would be extinct go to the effin doctor idiot ydi

...i hate all the hobos.... Damn now i have Theory of a Deadman stuck in my head -___-

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ImmaB3AST 7

Wreck his office. Teach him a lesson.

sushi_samurai 3

What kind of lesson would that teach him? To never get sick? I wish I could learn how to do that...

hellokittay 5

And get fired from a job she obviously puts effort into?

chaserforeva77 3

if she recks the office she will get fired.. then how can she support the baby shes having???

Just appoint a third in command and leave.

If you had gotten rear-ended in the first place you probably wouldn't be pregnant.

Hadn't.... Sorry, not trying to be a grammar Nazi, just was bugging me.

biglittlehead 12

In this case had would be right. (being rear ended referring to anal) ;)

sxe_beast 11

If you had gotten rear-ended in the first place you probably had not be pregnant...???

sourgirl101 28

33, If you "hadn't" gotten rear- ended..... ***You're looking at the wrong word. (:

sxe_beast 11

Oh, right....... I thought he was correcting the wouldn't. I see it now, LOL. Fail =c

sourgirl101 28

Haha, now that I re-read it, it's correct to start with. Getting it in the "rear end" means no chance of pregnancy. Lol fail for a few of us!(: