We need a break

By pst - 21/11/2010 01:06 - South Africa

Today, the hooker I have been seeing regularly for almost a year texted me to say she thinks we should no longer see each other again. I just got dumped by a hooker. FML
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This is probably the saddest thing I've ever read.

A hooker? Did you honesty expect a Disney-styled happily ever ending?


Shame on him.

*high fives op* quagmire would love this!

A hooker? Did you honesty expect a Disney-styled happily ever ending?

lol that's awesome.

Wow. You are stupid. By saying, "I just got dumped by a hooker", you're showing that she's... I don't know the word for it- but yiu chose to go out with her anyway. I can't really explain what I mean here, but you are so dumb. You are really dumb. Fo' Real.

You just got dumped by a hooker. By text.

did you pay for the sex during the relationship?

lol so bad in bed you couldn't PAY them to sleep with you!

Retard. Yep, pretty sure that was the word I was looking for.

just thought you should know that you are FINE =)

It's sad when a hooker is too good for you... And that you're seeing one in the first place.

Hey hookers are people too. Some make more money than my parents

ew hookers

eww dude that's freaking gross get your self tested for STDS

well, if you need to be seeing a hooker to get action, you might want to take a hint.

he is burning somewhere lol

Call me crazy, but I think it's sadder that you were seeing a hooker for a year. I honestly think this is probably the best thing for you.

haha would u like a side of epic with that fail?XD

nah thanks im good for now

maybe after my appetizer of YDI

This is probably the saddest thing I've ever read.

next to your description.

5 - Agreed. 10 - Agreed!

#48 - disagreed

63 you look like a douche. :)

112 you look like fruit-striped gum.

114 you look like you have a funny picture


Haha this made me lol :)

you look like a barbie :p

find a girlfriend...

he probably got a hooker cause he couldn't get a girlfriend

thank you captain obvious

^ relax, sergent sarcasm

thank you for your input, Private Parts

Maybe just needs to meet Colonel Angus

after you talk to sgtStickyFinger

i think the hooker was the girlfriend

Did you think dating a hooker would end well?

thats pretty pathetic.

it sure is

lol not as pathetic as posting ab pics as profile pics :p

wow, maybe u should tip better

lol why would you mess with a hooker in the first place ? o_O

9- i agree completely seeing a hooker is just discusting i hope you get herpies or chlyamdia you rat.

I hope you get Hooked on Phonics.

I agree with 35.

Hookers have pie? I want a hooker!

Why get Hooked on Phonics when you can get Hooked on Pancakes?

Hookers are a better deal than a lot of the "entitled princess" women that post on this site.

Hookers and pancakes? I want that life. Alleged_Cranium - Damn straight. Preach it, sista.

your evil for wishing that upon somebody!!!!!!

Fuck you and since we are hopeing right now I hope you get aids bluewaffle & redsock and fuck the Devil 酔うvっ高校

And I hope you learn to spell

get a girlfriend?

Your life sucks haha