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Today, I got home from work to find my boyfriend sobbing hysterically over the death of his cat. The only cat he could be talking about is the one on his Sims account. FML
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Jakesterk96 8

Still a better love story than twilight.


yummayy_ 11

At least he shows his emotions.... :)

Birdie_Sage 0

Over some cat on the screen? He can get a new one, no biggie. He must be REAL sensitive...

Maybe some crazy bitch had previously cut his crotch sausage off that very morning...

fadingfaith 4

#15 they do if you win rock, paper, scissors against the Grim Reaper.

Jakesterk96 8

Are you fur real? Are these lame puns even pawsible? Seriously you guys have got to be kitten me right meow

AceArctic 4

He must not be feline too happy about that.

I can't think of anything to say. Cat's got my tongue.

29- Normally I would applaud you on your amount of puns, but I'm a jealous ************ and I'm quite upset that you dared to steal my pun. >:(

79- haha I'm sorry but I thought of meow (now) and that was the only way to put it in:D

Jakesterk96 8

82- Congrats for beating the heat bench by 2 pts.

I'm not even kitten a litter bit here, but beclaws all these cat puns were added, i had to join in on this cat nip !

KingGeorgeGal 12

Tell him not only did his pussy died, but his manhood.

connerwonner 7

His manhood would have been gone a long time ago if he had a pussy.

Oh, a man showing some emotion automatically means he loses his manhood? Crying for a virtual cat may be a bit extreme, but that doesn't mean OP's boyfriend is a pussy. Coming from a Bisexual guy, sensitive men are better than guys who hide their emotion.

all men cry at one point in time some are just more open about it

48- while I agree with most of your comment, what does being bisexual have to do with anything?

It just shows that even a guy who is interested in other guys don't think negatively about a man who sheds tears or shows emotion. Unlike most men and women here...

WHAT'S WRONG WITH CRYING OVER STUFF ON VIDEO GAMES? We've all yelled, cried, thrown things, punched things, had kids for and much much more over a game of Call of Duty. Emotion is good; how else would we get kill-streaks? I do have to confer with the above comments, crying over a virtual cat is a bit extreme, unless of course it was one of those Siamese naked cat, things.

Or Anime? Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann made me cry. I never seen something that can touch you that emotionally....

62 No, i think you're the only one who has had kids because of call of duty...

No, I've given up searching for anime on YouTube. Also, since I'm on my phone a lot, I can't go on websites and watch Anime online. I'll consider it. Word of advice: never read the Elfen lied fan-comic "Nana's everyday life". I couldn't get through it.

5- It's because of people like you that men are afraid to show emotion.

That's the solution for everything, isn't it?

Yet another FML commenter who feels OP should dump their partner at the drop of a hat....

yeah that's a legit reason to get a new boyfriend... idiot

Donat96 20

It's ok, OP. He still has your pussy.

Still a better love story than twilight.

I love how this never gets old because EVERYTHING is a better love story than twilight!

joannalynn 0

77) Romeo and Juliet is an eternal love story of the deepest love known to man. It's better that any other story. Especially twilight! The fact that you even compared the two makes me want to cry

85) I'm sorry if I struck an emotional nerve of yours, but when I went to watch one of those plays as a kid, not even five minutes in I was already asleep. Not everyone finds those type of movies/plays/acts or whatever you want to call it interesting at all.

joannalynn 0

88) no nerve was struck just my faith in humans went down. Have you read the play? Or even the twilight books? The movies and plays do not do it justice(in reference to Romeo and Juliet) twilight books are a bit better but still make for a bad love story

Romeo and Juliet was a story that took place over 3 or 4 days, Juliet was about 12 or 13 and Romeo was about 18. A love story promoting pedophilia that ends in both characters committing suicide? Yes, still a better love story than twilight.

VioletRaven1 8

Jeez enough about Romeo and Juliet they are old I have never watched it an never plan to it sound boring as shit although it might be better than twilight.Plz get over it i Dont fuse when people mock the movies i love.

VioletRaven1 8

Your Faith in humanity went down cause what we Dont wanna watch an old movie and were Saying its Boring .wow get a live

Birdie_Sage 0

Mourn the loss with him, not question him.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I swear, the more I read your comments, the more stupider and stupider they become.

How sad. OP, you should empathize and have a funeral for the deceased cat to help your boyfriend through this horrific event.