Sorry Mr Whiskers

By Brody89 - 09/04/2014 18:40 - United States - Vancouver

Today, my overly-attached 14-year-old cat wanted attention while I was in a heated Skype argument with my girlfriend. Worked up from the fight, I raised my voice and said, "Not now, go away!" He ran to his little bed, had a heart attack and died. I was a complete dick to my cat in his last moments. FML
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hazardmuffin 21

This is probably the most awful FML I've ever read. I'm sorry about your cat, OP :(


#2 your screen name is haunting given the context of this particular FML.

badluckalex 23

ikr this is the saddest fml :'(

cosmicriver 17

#308 Not ironic at all, considering the cat in the FML just died and that pop culture loves (or used to love) zombies.

I think I'm going to go hug my cat and tell her that I love her.

That's what I did after reading this

lexiieeex3 32

This is the saddest thing I've read all day...

I had the misfortune of reading this as soon as it was posted and have been cuddling my lil kitty since then :( I'm so sorry OP...your lil buddy is in cat heaven and still loves ya

revelation11B 10

I don't own a cat but I definitely went and cuddled with my dog. Pets are family.

I did cry... something similar happened to me, I got home with my boyfriend and we were fighting, I was mad so my puppy jumped up for attention and I shoved him off and said not now I'm not in the mood leave me alone.. about 30 second after that he got out the door that was left open a little bit to chase off another dog and got hit by a car right in front of me... he died protecting me even though I was an asshole :( I feel for you OP xx :(

our pets are like our family and even though we love them with all our hearts they will irritate us or come to us at the wrong time and unfortunately we will snap at them even though they don't deserve it. its so unfortunate what happened to OP and I hope he knows in his heart that his kitty loved him and kitty knew he was loved as well. let's all take a moment to hug our kitties and puppies and tell them we love them. and in the future always be careful what you say because you never know what will happen that day. and if you do snap at your pet immediately apologize and hug them

I cried hard after reading this. And refused to get up for a few more minutes because my little cuddle monster was on my lap when I read this. Poor OP. Crap. Crying again. OP, I wish I could hug you and I don't care if that sounds weird.

Well, I don't think ydi, but I'd feel like shit too.

Psylark 4
xXxGraveStonexXx 20

I seriously started crying ;-; This breaks my heart

hazardmuffin 21

This is probably the most awful FML I've ever read. I'm sorry about your cat, OP :(

I actually feel worse about this one then the one where the old lady died on the bus while leaning against someone.

Agreed. I generally tend to overlook the ones involving people. The animal ones tear me up every single time.

What's worse is that people think the OP deserves to have his cat die.

I think the one where one guy asked his friend to put his cat down but he took the wrong one is worse, but this one is a close second.

It is heart breaking, I think the bat in the oven was worse though :(

cosmicriver 17

Me too, #164. I read that one the other day. That story was unfortunate as well as this one. Although, this story is heartbreaking. It reaches out to many FML users. Many have loved animal friends/family and some have had similar experiences. Stories like this remind us to take advantage of our loved ones and the time we have with them, for we never know when the last moment we share with them will be. Make every moment count, and every memory last a lifetime.

heinous966 15

Oh Christ that's awful, I'm so sorry :c