By james52 - 18/07/2013 04:04 - United States - Mckinney

Today, while texting my boyfriend, I noticed that he copies and pastes old messages so he doesn't have to write new ones. FML
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Hey, I talked to him about it and he denied it and then said sorry. We've been together for four years (high school sweethearts). we've been fighting for a long while and we both think its time for a change. I still love him very much but think its time for someone to appreciate me.

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Your boyfriend just doesn't make the ctrl+x

That just takes laziness to a whole new level.


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It's not that hard, many phones have prerecorded messages you can edit.

Well, sadly my knowledge of phones is rather pathetic due to my only ever having this one phone. So as to what many phones do I have no idea.

It's called a template and it's been around AT LEAST since 2001 (talking about mobile phones).

CallMeWindSock 24

I could imagine doing this, but I can see how it would end up feeling like you're talking to an automated machine.

I only do that when I'm too lazy to type out a long message. So all the time.

You bastard. Changing your comment and nearly making me seem like a lunatic.

That just takes laziness to a whole new level.

why work hard when you can work smart?

In retrospect it's more work to begin with imo

Your boyfriend just doesn't make the ctrl+x

Man, you should take that joke on the road! You would be ctrl+p-ing money!

Sounds like he's got better things to do than text nice, original things. How sad..

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That Is kinda my opinion like well ok then if you don't find it worth ur time to txt meaningful things just say so,

And the problem is? You are obviously talking about the same things if he can answer your text by copy and pasting the same ones he's already sent.

Boy, 21 sure is old these days I suppose. OP!! Here is the only advice you need to follow here: Write him an old school, pen and paper style love letter! Me and my gf still do this on occasions when the message doesn't have to be immediate. I'm not talking tonight's dinner plans here if you catch my drift. It brings an amazing way to sensually and compassionately communicate in private. If he loves you, he will write one back( one that you can keep, ergo forcing home to draft new letters in future correspondence.

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Orrrr, his answers are just really generic and vague and able to be used in multiple settings.

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39, my boyfriend and I do the same things and leave them in places that aren't right out in the open. It is definitely one of the things that keeps the spark there between us. I would recommend that OP try this.

Kinda saves time. Maybe its a hint that he's not interested in what yall are talking about?

KeannaLove 32

I hardly think copying and pasting old texts warrants a break up. Unless they were to someone else than yeah, that warrants a break up.

No, I agree. Dump him. Hell, take it to the next level and sue him for breach of contract! Actually no, he deserves to be killed for this! On second thought, maybe you should just TALK to him about it.

Talk? Like human interaction outside of the internets and cellphones. That's a serious situation if you're jumping to that decision.

I see no reason to dump him. I mean I understand sometimes when people are busy at work or doing something important than it's an easy solution. Not every little situation is a reason to end a relationship.