By anonymous - 10/08/2011 04:31 - United States

Today, I was dragged to the food store with my mom. While we were shopping, the fire alarm went off. My mom pushed the cart at me, nearly knocking me over, and sprinted for the door. FML
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It's like in Harry potter where his mum pushed him out of the way to get to the door....

HAHAHAHAHAHA i couldnt help but laugh at this but at least your ok OP

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"Today my stupid daughter got in my way when the building we were in was on fire."

Um... damn... Your mum loves you. Really, she does. Deep down. Way deep down. She's just not very good with emergencies, that's all :P

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Lol it still was kind of a bitch move tho lol

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nothing feels better than feeling the love XD OP that sucks!! sorry about that :( at least your safe right??

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Everyone for them self no excuse

so what if in emergencies protecting you would be the last thing on your mother's mind... she still loves you!

Not really. If you really loved someone, the first thing on your mind would be about them. The first thing in a teacher's mind during a fire alarm or an intruder alert is to protect the children. A mother SHOULD want to do anything she can to protect her CHILD. But this mom didn't, which shows something is wrong.

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