By AdriBAMF - 17/10/2009 17:11 - United States

Today, I got asked to Homecoming by the person I really like. I said yes and I was really excited. But my best friend who has liked me since the 6th grade wasn't. He went and broke my date's jaw. FML
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Yeah...I wouldn't date that best friend. Seems a bit unstable.

Friend zone can be a bitch, huh?


Dude, seriously. I just lol'd so bad at your misfortune :D

i guess that just costed him a friendship

YDI for going to homecoming and trying to get laid.

I assume no one ever asked you for homecoming =/. Even if you are ugly, try to be beautiful inside.

I think #30 just got told...

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YDI for not going out with your friend

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Win. Mother F*cking Win.

Friend zone can be a bitch, huh?

Let it be a lesson to the girls who put guys in the friend zone permanently. They will beat up your boyfriend.

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A perfect example of this is the twilight saga.

*slow clap* for 257

I know what I'm going to do when my friend's boyfriend decides to visit cali from Florida ..

Yeah...I wouldn't date that best friend. Seems a bit unstable.

Take #4's advice. That's way out of line..

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Completely agreed. That's completely out of line if you guys WERE dating, let alone as a best friend who likes you.

the hell it is he's protecting her because he knows the other guy isn't good enough for her

hells to the yea. the best friend sounds like a badass. an immature one, but still a badass.

well maybe he finally learnt to be a man and step up.. if op likes the guy, good! if not.. FYL

wow #5. it's fucktards like you that make it hard for non-retarded guys.

fuucking right, I'd date him fo sure.

Your friend sounds like an idiotic douche, why are you even friends with him if hes that obsessed that he will break another guys jaw?

Aww... I know how you feel. Except he wouldnt have goten so violent. FYL :(

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someone doesnt respond too well to being friend-zoned...but shouldnt u have talked things over with ur best friend first? then again, i suggest u dont date someone who'd get jealous so easily...i mean, i've been friend-zoned once but i never thought of hurting anyone...

Sounds to me like you didn't know this, OP? If you did... well I don't know the circumstances so I guess I can't call YOU a bitch But your friend sure is one. Damn, tell him to grow up.

Even if she did know her friend liked her how would that make her a bitch?

If they wanted you, they should have asked you first. Punch them and break their jaw, perhaps?