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Today, like every other day, my boss referred to my breasts as pillows he needs to nap on. FML
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Silentbutfunny - you are (unfortunately) neither of the adjectives in your username.


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So2011 4

Maybe he thinks your boobs are big and squishy.

Yeah, but he jokes LIKE A BOSS!! Oh wait...

innka 2

I'm sorry, how is this an fml?

bobbycorwen 5

Boss: Listen here, Emily(OP). I will give you a raise if you give me a raise. What a sex pervert!

16 may i ask; what other kinds of perverts are there other then a "sex pervert"?

bobbycorwen 5

Mr. Majora's Mask, political perverts distort and corrupt rights of citizens and the constitution.

desireev 17

48- I'm not trying to start anything. But your profile talks about how if someone is uneducated and what not, you'll correct them. And you talk about how much knowledge you have. But you misspelled like 8 words in your profile and you used poor grammar in about 3 sentences. Like I said, I'm not trying to start anything but it just bothers me when I see people trying to correct others. Everybody makes mistakes and little silly mess ups.. But don't make a point to correct someone when you're making mistakes as well. :)

61 thanks for reminding me (i ment to talk about spelling in my description) Personally i dont think spelling really matters on the internet (especially with the new generation using texting language, like, wtf?) but i think if you dont need to strain to see what im trying to say then mission acomplished. but when i use bad grammer its because i know what im trying to say, but its the way i say it, you know? (essentially its my vad) When i meen trying to correct uneducated people its people who try talking about something they know NOTHING about and try to make sence of the shit flying out their ass. Does that make sence?

Silentbutfunny - you are (unfortunately) neither of the adjectives in your username.

ThisIsMyReign 4

61 - you say it bothers u when ppl correct others well what u tryin to do and you always say I'm not tryin to start anything well why not try not correcting ppl cuz you deff are or also your comments wouldn't be so long

bobbycorwen 5

She was making a point not a correction.

ThisIsMyReign - please stop. That hurt my head to read. The only thing worse than someone who uses bad grammar in correcting someone is someone using bad grammar in trying to correct someone who is using bad grammar.

rldostie 19

Silentbutfunny, while YOU may feel spelling and grammar are unimportant, they are a representation of your education and intellectual ability. While I agree, everyone makes mistakes, such as typos or an incorrect verb tense, if someone tried to correct something I said, they had better do so is as intelligible English as possible. Your lack of grammar and horrific spelling is distracting, and, at times, laughable. I simply have a hard time taking one seriously when he or she is unable to spell simple words correctly. Again, it is the Internet, and if one is making a basic comment, then sure, whatever. But don't try to school someone on a topic while speaking like an illiterate. You instantly discredit yourself.

ThisIsMyReign 4

89 - please remove the stick up ur ass who cares about spelling you read it fine and oh no I'm gettin a headache from bad spelling shut up Mommies little girl oh and who was I tryin to correction admiral dipshit

bobbycorwen 5
ThisIsMyReign 4

94 - go back to playing final fantasy kid

bobbycorwen 5

Not right now. I want to remain here reading your idiotic comments.

ThisIsMyReign 4

That cute you wanna stay here for me flattered but no thank you

ICaughtFire 4

48, I almost thumbed your comment up, but then I took a look at your profile. Instead, I thumbed you down, and have decided I want my wasted IQ points back.

GoW_Chick 14

96- Hey now don't dis final fantasy now just because you're angry, I play it and I'm not a kid, and do everyone a favor and just stop.

ThisIsMyReign 4

In not Dissing it just saying go play it

Poser1337 5

DocBastard, you're cool, yet not funny either. So please quit insulting the unfortunate wanna-be trolls. :D

desireev 17

68- Yes, I totally get what you're saying. ;) I'm really sorry if I came off like I was being rude. I, truly, wasn't trying to be. :) 83- My, my! You've got an opinion, don't ya? I wasn't being rude with anyone so I don't appreciate you being rude with me. But since you opened the door.. Here I go! If you're going to advise me to do something, you better come off it with some intellect. I'm not going to even begin to make an effort to try to stop saying what I've said when you're talking to me while 'tlkng lyke dis. So u bttr nt evn try 2 corrct me!' Like I said, don't come at me with that shit! Now, we will all play Final Fantasy,(which is an awesome game, by the way). And while we're doing that, why don't you go read a dictionary or something?

ThisIsMyReign 4

118 - cute all you have for defense is you can spell correctly well so can I just this little thing called "freedom" I tend to use it to do whatever I want and if your going to mock how I type do it correctly and all you did was waste words your comment was the least bit insulting oh and before you go and say yes I know I don't put periods or anything that's cuz i don't want too thank you and have a nice day :D Oh and back to boob dye

ThisIsMyReign 4

Stupid auto correct I mean boobs ftw

GoW_Chick 14

122- She doesn't have to insult you if she doesn't want to. I have a feeling you just want to be insulted, if that's what you want then... SHUT THE HELL UP YOU ARROGANT TOOL, ALL YOUR COMMENTS ARE THOSE OF A BUMBLING IDIOT! *cough* yay for all caps Internet rage! :)

ThisIsMyReign 4

127 - honestly don't care and arrogant haha that would be all of the ppl saying correct your spelling what next I can't wear shorts in the winter cuz it's not properly dressing?

desireev 17

124- Will you please answer my next question honestly? How old are you? At the beginning, I really wasn't trying to be rude. But now you have pissed me off. And it makes me even more mad that you pissed me off because I am a really nice person. I rarely ever get mad. But any comment that has been made, other than yours, you have jumped all over and been extremely rude with everyone.

GoW_Chick 14

You can wear shorts in the winter, I do, but I live in a tropical climate. I was just insulting you because that seemed like what you wanted, I'm a giver. :)

desireev 17

So back to my question.. I'm wondering how old you are. Because if you're a grown ass adult, then SHAME ON YOU for acting like such a child and spewing out such terrible comebacks. Reading your comments made me think of my 9-year-old nephew. If you're still a child, then you're still a brat who needs a counselor for your anger problems and your little fits you're having. But it is kind of understandable. But seriously, either age you are, if you feel you have to be so rude and you feel that you have to keep justifying yourself, take it elsewhere. People come on the site to read some FMLs and enjoy themselves.. Not to deal with a bratty child..

ThisIsMyReign 4

132 - look at my profile smart one and if your mad over a comment online I feel sorry for you and I think a hug would cheer you up 133 - well that's nice of you :D

ThisIsMyReign 4

135 - actually I only jumped all over your case your the one who jumps all over ppls comments about spelling and being rude well practice what you preach and get a hug as I said before

desireev 17

Oh good God! I am not mad about a your stupid, ignorant, completely and totally lack-of-a-brain comment. I am mad that what everyone says is true! This place is crawling with idiots! There are few smart people that comment on this site. And I'm mad that the school systems aren't doing their damn jobs! They're supposed to be teaching imbeciles like you how to be smart and how to grow up and be an adult. They failed. I feel sorry for your family. I'm gonna bet that they all walk around with the "I'm with Stupid" shirts on when you're around. Now I have to go. I have other adult things to do like work and teach my child how to not be a complete idiot. Thank you for making my tanning session enjoyable though! ;) That was a little entertaining! :)

The run-on sentences are rampaging through this thread.

desireev 17

138- Ugh.. One more comment, I guess.. I do not jump all over people for spelling or grammar. I do, however, 'jump all over' people who are rude. It's completely unnecessary. There's no point in it. You don't gain anything from being rude.. So why do it? That is my logic of it. Anyways, like I said above, I have to go. I really hope you have a good day. :)

GoW_Chick 14

Hey guess what everyone, BOOBS! *giggles*

ThisIsMyReign 4

I love judgmental ppl you can't let ppl do wat the want I'll type how I want too and no I've seen you jump over ppl when it wasn't ur business so I'm doing it to you for ***** and giggles you say i was being rude no not even close rude would be me asking you what drug you use and assuming it's crack or heroin based on your picture

153 You should quit your pointless chain of rants.

What the...? You're 23? One would think that even though you don't HAVE to spell correctly and use proper grammar on the Internet any INTELLIGENT adult would want to so that that don't come across as a 13 year old girl. Which is exactly what you're doing. I really feel sorry for you, hopefully one day you come out of your little "freedom" box and realize that nobody takes you seriously.

ThisIsMyReign 4

It's The Internet where i don't need to impress anyone or make a good impression so stop whining like your a 13 year old girl

ThisIsMyReign - The main reason I love threads like this is because morons like you just make yourselves look more and more foolish with each subsequent post. So keep it up! I think by now your Internet-IQ is down to around 12. One more post and you may get down to single digits!

I believe you're the one whining like a 13 year old girl! "wahh, you guys are trying to take away my freedom of speech! Wah I'm 23 and you guys are criticizing me for talking like a 13 year old!" If you don't like us telling you to grow up and spell the way your age group should spell, then just go. You have the freedom to stop talking, isn't it wonderful?

I believe you're the one whining like a 13 year old girl! "wahh, you guys are trying to take away my freedom of speech! Wah I'm 23 and you guys are criticizing me for talking like a 13 year old!" If you don't like us telling you to grow up and spell the way your age group should spell, then just go. You have the freedom to stop talking, isn't it wonderful?

JoGeLu 2

Desire would get into an internet argument with a nobody, i'm honestly laughing at all of you right now, it's quite entertaining watching you all internet rage. Hahahaha GET A LIFE. (P.S i make fake FMLs) Oh and haha at everyone stooping down to Reign's level, did I hear hypocrites anyone?

ThisIsMyReign 4

Haha ppl like you guys make me love the Internet ppl always argue for no reason it's lovely to know you guys can insult ppl online and judge them online but off the Internet ppl r so different if ppl honestly get worked up over misspelled words well I'm truly sorry for your mishaps maybe when u die you can have all the correct grammar u want

GoW_Chick 14
jDCrackpot 7

It's people like Thisismyreign that make me wish it wasn't illegal to kill people if it was for the greater good of humanity. Honestly dude, give up. You don't look cool, you don't look funny, and you don't even use punctuation. Put your computer away and go back to grade 3 English class. Anyway. Boobs. I don't usually encourage lawsuits, but OP your boss sounds like a dirtbag who could do with a good judicial slap. Go for it.

bobbycorwen 5

ThisIsMyReign - One final note: You suck. Hooray for everyone else and Final Fantasy!

rldostie 19

Desireev, I just have to point out that about 95% of the time, it's not the school system that fails idiots such as this, but the parents. It is a parent's responsibility to make sure his or her children are studying, doing their part, and completing their homework. A teacher's job is to teach as much content within the school, but failure or success is at home. When a parent assumes the responsibility for learning rests solely on the school, then that parent has failed that child, and their lack of activity in their child's education is why said child is an illiterate idiot. More often than not, teachers are well aware of the learning problems some students have, and address the parents with additional practice for the student. That the parent doesn't follow up the work or doesn't ensure that the child is soon their regular work is the parents fault, not the teacher. I just had to point that out because so often the schools get the blame, when really the major culprits are inactive and uninvolved adults.

desireev 17

153- That wasn't very nice of you. I don't think I look like I'm on drugs. Man that really hurt my feelers.. I think I'm going to cry now. :'( Come on now.. I don't need your "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to approve my beauty. I am beautiful. Inside and out. I am not trying to sound cocky one bit.. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am perfectly content and secure with my appearance and my character. I am so secure with myself that I am willing to put a picture of myself with no makeup on. (It's for an local inspiration group I'm involved in. Our task was to take a picture with no makeup or pretty clothes or anything as our default picture on every site we have a profile on.) Make jokes at me and call me ugly or say I look like I'm on drugs.. I don't care. I'm supporting the "Self Security and Beauty Within". Maybe you should join. It will truly change you for the better. :)

ThisIsMyReign 4

Well I'm bored now going to do productive things with my life now have fun with your cyber grudges :)

Im going to enter this flame war with one final comment: I don't care about spelling, its the main idea that i belive makes you smart or not. You can go on and on about the fly spagetti monster creating the whole world with perfect grammer and spelling, but that doesnt mean your right. Thats pretty much what i veen trying to say. (doc bastard, my name references to times of great awkwardness, it would be hippocritical to even post things, let alone the amount humor in my posts) now, all of you, CONTINUE WITH THE **** AND STFU ABOUT BRAINS

^ Huh? You high? Do you need help, bro?

Silentbutfunny - all I can do after reading your latest post is this: I'm* spelling.* It's* I* believe* flying* spaghetti* grammar* doesn't* you're* That's* I've* been* DocBastard* hypocritical* Now* brains.* Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. I do believe that you're proving my point about poor grammar and/or spelling making you look foolish. You may be the smartest person in the world, but when you type like that, it implies stupidity whether you choose to admit it or not.

salyeldin 4

Holy crap I've never seen so much hate on one FML. Poor OP opened pandoras box after getting sexually harrased

salyeldin 4

Holy crap I've never seen so much hate on one FML. Poor OP opened pandoras box after getting sexually harrased

ThisIsMyReign-Go **** yourself. At the rate you're going, assuming a 5-point drop in IQ every time you have a comment thumbed down, you wouldn't be able to do much more than try to hump a golf ball. You'd probably fail that too, and try to shove it up your ****, too.

177, i do agree with what you are saying but I feel the need to point out that the amount of anonymity that people get on the Internet contributes to the babbling retards that one encounters, as once a person gets dropped on the Internet with other people, illiterate or not, there's a good chance that they will become a pain in the ass. "4 teh lulz". Which I find infinitely more insufferable than regular pains in the ass.

I miss the boobs. Please someone get us back to the main reason men live, the female body! Mmmmm

chels1994 11

This by far is one of the best threads I've seen in a while. I thank you all (:

desireev 17

ThisIsMyReign- You're not hurting my feelings when you say I look like a crackhead. I am in a local inspiration group called "Self Security and Inner Beauty". Our task this month was to post a picture of ourselves without any makeup or pretty clothes or anything of the sort to show that I AM secure in my own skin. I am beautiful. Inside and out.. I don't have to put up a picture of myself with caked on makeup and my boobs hanging out to let people know it either. And I don't need your 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' for approval. If you can't even handle simple spelling, how would you know about something as deep as beauty? You just do your thing! You will never get anywhere in this world with an attitude like the one you have. And next time, think about what you say to people about their pictures they have up. Having a quarter machine picture that says 'Turn your SWAG on' doesn't say much for you.. At all..

I think ThisIsMyReign set the record for the most moderated comments in a single thread. I also have to add one thing. Punctuation is highly important. The sentences "Lets eat, grandma!" And "Lets eat grandma!" Have two very different meanings.

GoW_Chick 14

I think we all missed the important point of this FML people... BOOBS! I love boobs, you love boobs, we all love boobs, so let's all love boobs together!

First of all ThisIsMyReign stop being a troll Second Of all: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIES:) Third of all: it's called sexual harassment OP >:) That is all

JurassicHole 5

184- Silentbutfunny if you don't care about spelling and grammar, then you're obviously an idiot. Using proper English online is still important, as the Internet is the fastest and largest information hub on the planet. Using proper English is a necessity, not an option. Ignoring this fact is childish and moronic at best, but your constant defense over your own idiocy is hilarious. You contradict yourself at every turn and you act as if being illiterate is a good thing. Writing is writing, no matter where you write and as such should always be held to the basic principles of grammar and spelling which are taught to us in grade school. Once you finally reach that level of cognition, then you can try to make a case for yourself, but for now you're just another idiot.

Desireev, I find it a little ironic that whilst lecturing all on intelligence and lack of it, you have been tanning? Sure, they're making grammar mistake (on the Internet) but atleast they're not permanently damaging their skin

NoWaySick 0

So great was your comment that I had to look....and I agree completely! It's even worse than I would have thought.... I was thinking several, yes....but that was absolutely pathetic! It was like rubbernecking at the scene of an accident....I tried to look away but I couldn't! Incredibly awful.... Great catch, btw.... ;)

It hard to see if you're making any sense at all with all of your grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.... Might just be the Internet and your lack of caring because we use such things as wtf....but your lack of common sense is completely apparent because what you do say gets lost in translation.

@68 it's SENSE! you have misspelled this word for a zillion times :/

BarDownDaily 12

181- Judging from your previous posts, I don't think it's possible for you to do something productive.

desireev 17

227- I know that it is bad to tan.. But UV Rays speed the healing process of a wound. And I have a huge one on my stomach. I'm not using it to tan my skin. And whether I was or not.. It's my decision to do it. I know that it's bad for my skin. But it doesn't make me unintelligent or stupid. I also smoke cigarettes and drink wine or Budweiser occasionally. Does that make me a moron? No.. It does not. I also dye my hair. I know it kills my hair. Does that make me a moron? Once again, no.. It does not. It makes me an adult who can make decisions on my own.

ThisIsMyRein is using the smiley face as a front to hide the nerd rage he's having in his house! XD ...Anyway, while I honestly could care less how grammatically correct/incorrect people are online, I still think it would be appropriate to do so regardless. Oh, and boobs!

desireev 17

There is a big difference between doing something to your body, even though you know it's bad, and using poor grammar just because you don't want to use it correctly. That's a waste of schooling and a waste of an education. If you're given the tools and the knowledge to succeed and you just throw it out the window because you don't want to use it, that's just plain out ignorance. I know that dyeing my hair and drinking wine is bad for me. But, like I said, there is a HUGE difference between the two.

desireev 17

By the way, did anybody see my word 'boobs' in my comment numbered 218? HOORAY FOR BOOBIES!... Unless your boss is trying to use them as pillows for his much needed nap.. ;D

ThisIsMyReign actually Did accomplish something worthwhile from my point of view: He brought together most of my favourite FML posters! DocBastard- You receive the award for excellence in your continued efforts to "stomp out stupid", but alas, today you really needed to put more heel into it. Valiant try. :) Desireev- Ignore the troll. You are a beautiful person, and do not in the least have the appearance of any crackhead I have ever seen. Your group of being comfortable without the need of accessories or hiding sounds appealing. :) rldostie- I must say, you have to be one of the most intelligent and articulate posters I have had the pleasure of reading! I imagine what a treat it would be to have a debate with you over coffee. :) (continues...)

GoW_Chick- Amusing as usual, in your upbeat mannerisms! And I agree: boobs are quite lovely. ;P chili10- I've noticed and enjoyed your posts since your defense of foreskins! I'm enjoying your little inserts! :) Thelsland- A pleasure watching you verbally blast someone, as always. ;) Just wanted to say something nice to a lot of people in one shot! I shall indeed stop rambling now! Cheers!!! :)

Silentbutfunny ur comments and profile contradict more than a pack of starbursts

mangjose21 2

Is your name Deborah? ;D LIKE A BAWS.

desireev, I greatly respect you as a poster, and I'm sure you're a great person. However, I never said anything about actions being done in real life. I merely expressed that I believe that the internet is a place where people can express themselves freely, but still be gramatically correct.

Oh nevermind, to weren't talking to me. I'll leave now. :-)

mstangchck 9

I've noticed how most of the favored commenters on FML are the ones who use proper spelling and grammar. Coincidence? I think not!

desireev 17

Aww! DRACO!! I'm one of your favorite commenters?! That makes me so happy! I love you! Haha That just made my day! And you should see the smile on my face! ;D

I Can see it, assuming it can't be any bigger than the one you're sporting in your new profile pic! Looks happy to me! :D I'm thrilled to have made your day, too many people don't smile and laugh enough as it is. Love you too! :D { See? Told you ThisIsMyReign was good for something after all! ;) lol, sorry friend, nothing personal! :). } Cheers!

Aw, Draco you don't know how happy that made me. Huge smile on my face. =]

Today, I clicked on the comments for an FML about boobs. Unfortunately, instead of the huge thread about boobs I was expecting, it was pretty much the entire FML community feeding a ridiculous, illiterate troll. FML

The thing I got out of this FML; silentbunny= owned.

299 - No, we're still trying to talk about boobs. Isn't really working, is it?

Sorry Chili, wasn't ignoring you! (hugs!) Happy to have made your day! :)

219- LOL. Back to the FML. BOOBS FTW. But when your boss starts talking to you like that, then it's time to take some legal action.

mstangchck 9
DrPaige 1

Have the decency to capitalize your "I"s.

DrPaige 1

And its spelled grammar. Not grammer. But nice try, sport.

I'm pretty sure the boss already got a raise

Dusty_Busters 15

Sounds like he's the one getting a raise!

Now I'm curious about what it looks like..

Sue him for sexual harrasment and get a new job -> problem solved

114, it gets hard when you sue work and then look for a job; Employers will not take a second look at her and will just reject her for the sake of the company. My opinion, by the way.

Gee OP I'm actually quite jealous. The only comment made about my breasts, is to ask where they are.

He gives her a raise, and she'll give him one

chaoticxxxmess 3

I'm sorry OP but I guess you've got nice ****.

Poser1337 5

Standard response from somebody committing sexual harassment, when confronted: "You should take it as a compliment". You are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

csickcman 11

I'm sorry #3 but I bet you have nice **** too.

Oh, shit, never mind. Turns out it is "Debra" in the song. My bad. Never heard of such a name before.

I was going to write that as well since it's apparently the way to go in the U S and A

#54 you know what they say about Ignorance and all *wink*

theevilduchess 12

Actually it can be spelled either way... But I don't know who Debra or Deborah is.... So I'm out!

mstangchck 9

This is probably the only comment where the term 'like a boss' would be acceptable.

Take it as a complement, you have nice boobs :)

Or...take it as sexual harassment. In the real world, there are things known as zero tolerance policies.

bobbycorwen 5

I don't know why you were thumbed down. You used the correct spelling of compliment.

shanemaximo 7

Your sexual harassment skill has increased to 64!

She's thumbed down because she's a silly teenager giving silly advice. Shit like this has NO PLACE in the workplace, even if the people involved are married (keep that at home). It's bullshit like this that keeps women from feeling (and being) equals in the workforce.

That's bullshit, you should file for a sexual harassment lawsuit an take his job :D

Jeez.. Sorry if I'm taken too seriously..

GoW_Chick 14

107- You don't have to apologize, stand by your comment, I'm sure every knows you were joking. :)

TalkingTowelTim 0

107- my oh my, you are pretty.

107- damn, I feel you... It must really suck to be taken seriously in life. *throws bucket of sarcasm at you*

6- can I take a nap on your pillows? ;)

I saw your profile pic and think your really hawt and sexy and you have nice boobs. Ik ur prob not bisexual but I really like u. Plz don't judge me.

TheOnlyAlan 0

Like a nice fluffy pillow or one of those hard fml pillows?

Are they that big? It's a positive OP but I'm pretty sure you can hold him for sexual harrsment.

innka 2

I'm sorry, how is this an FML?

I see a promotion in your future...or is that a lawsuit....close enough