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Today, I was going to ask this girl I love to homecoming. I set up a scavenger hunt, and my friend led her through it. At the end of the scavenger hunt I had a note that said, "Homecoming?" She said yes and hugged my friend. When I told her it was me who was asking, she laughed and said no. FML
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You should have just asked her instead of doing a scavenger hunt. And you should have led her on the hunt yourself at least. YDI

Ugh that's harsh. I'm sorry that happened.


Ugh that's harsh. I'm sorry that happened.

Doesn't sound too harsh to me - this FML guy sounds like a creep anyways. Who "loves" someone they don't even know? Besides, if she's not interested...she's not interested. Big whoop.

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He never said he didn't know the girl (if that is the case, you're right he is way creepy) she could be a friend. And it is harsh because she laughed in his face instead of saying something polite or just saying no.

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Oh so all these teenagers that sit there on the phone saying "I Love You" 30 times before they get off are creeps? Oh Please.. Rarely anyone uses the word "Love" correctly anymore.

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Well I agree with you on the fact no one uses it correctly but there is a difference between saying it to someone you're dating (even if you don't feel it) and saying it about some girl you have a crush on but have never talked to. I think #20 thought that was how this guy was, but it doesn't say if him and the girl are friends or not.

This is why I refuse to say "I love you" to anyone I've only been spending a little time with before anything gets serious; it's replaced with "I heart you", a less formal but still effective message.

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#46 That makes sense and I don't want to sound like a bitch but um.. if a guy were to say "I heart you" to me I would think they were a little... gay :/ Maybe it works in your situation (I don't know) but do you explain to them why you say that and not I love you?

heh. you do sound like a bitch. Why do you care? Do you plan on dating this guy?

#48 Considering the girl I'm with right now actually thinks it's really cute and does it too, I'd say an explanation isn't needed. Although I gave the exact reason I just told you anyway, and she said it made perfect sense.

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gueeess yoou learneed a lessonnn, huhh? YOUU shoullddvee waalkeed her thrrouggh the scavengeer hunnt. DUH!

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well, that could be true if you actually knew all of the teenagers in the world. which is impossible. and your judgement is irrelevent considering the FML has nothing to do about her thinking hes a creep. and dude (OP) sorry that happened. that girl shouldve been more respectful. shes not worth your time anyway.

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if you aren't dating someone and you think you LOVE them, you're a creep....period...

Bringing in my two cents to this argument. Preparing TL;DR... First off, there isn't just romantic love. All kinds of love exists: Love of yourself, love of friends, love of family, love of the world, and the list goes on. You think the word "love" is tossed around carelessly, but you don't take into consideration that maybe someone can actually have a great passion for something without wanting to screw it silly. =/ Secondly, this is my take on "love:" There is a crush and there is what I'll call "initial love." To put it simply, a crush is (normally superficial) interest in someone, falsely labeled as love, and fades away with time. "Initial love" is actually loving someone someone... but at the same time, it's not quite love either, but it's still not a crush. You have two seeds. One is a crush, the other is initial love. You plant the crush outside, give it a bit of starting care, and then wait for it to take off on its own. It doesn't. Helping it (which would be your crush doing something that makes your interest flare) doesn't seem to work either. It's a dud. It's not going to grow, ever, and you eventually forget about it. Now you plant initial love, and give it its starting care. It grows, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but most definitely it does grow. Little things come around and make you give it special attention. Or maybe you try to suffocate the baby plant so that it won't grow... sometimes that's successful, sometimes it just keeps growing. The plant could die eventually, which could be years, or you could have to kill it yourself (the object of your initial love rejects you, or it doesn't work out, or something else along those lines happens). However, sometimes, you get aide for that plant... which would be that person you love. That nurtures it into a great and beautiful thing you two can share. The crush seed would never achieve that. Sappiness aside (HAH! SAP! PLANTS!), initial love can also be akin to an open wound. You could do nothing, and let is fester, ooze, and boil (never telling the person you have feelings for them), and let it eat and rot away at you. You could tell the person, and then they could spread the miracle ointment on it (they accept), or you'll have to amputate (they reject). If you amputate... sure, it sucks, but you do have other limbs to make up for it (more love to give), and you'll adjust to that with time (you'll be ready for romantic interest again). A crush is just a superficial wound that will go away on its own and causes little to no damage to you whatsoever. Do you see what I'm trying to say? You can love someone without dating them, it's just a kind of love that has potential to develop into full-blown love. Basically, I guess you could call it... a half love. I agree though that you can't really have "initial love" for someone you don't even know, but I didn't personally think it sounded like OP didn't know the girl, just he didn't know her as well as he hoped. That happens. But I can't declare crush or love on something like this since it's impossible to know the whole story until OP drops by... which they usually don't. Then again, "love" isn't exactly something that's easy to describe, is it? Not exactly something you can easily identify or calculate or anything. Damned humans and our higher level thinking, making some things as possible to catch and hold as air.

#104.. i cant believe i actually read all that. haha but it actually makes sense (:

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All I know is I'm sick of FMLs about kids that claim to love other kids that they have never had a relationship with then get rejected breaking their little hearts...pathetic.

I now fully understand why people cringe when I begin a (self-perceived as clever) speech of allegories and similes. FML

You should have just asked her instead of doing a scavenger hunt. And you should have led her on the hunt yourself at least. YDI

Because a guy that "loves" her yet isn't with her, had his friend do the scavenger hunt, and then wanted to step in when it was all over to "claim" his love is a keeper? Sorry but that logic doesn't compute.

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Maybe he was waiting as the prize at the end lmao

There are too many people like this on this site.

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Thats an interesting way to ask someone to homecoming. Props for making it awesome I'm sorry you picked a bitch to ask.

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Well she might not have been a mean person. Maybe she has a crush on the friend, and she was bummed out when she realized it wasn't him who was asking, but OP. But you never know tho do you? ;o

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Why didn't you just lead her through it yourself? Maybe she would've rejected you a little less bitchy.

Your fault. Why didn't you just go upto her and ask her?