By Anonymous - 17/10/2009 16:26 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were messing around when he accidentally elbowed me in the eye and I couldn't see. He rolled over, turned on the football game, and told me to just walk upstairs and get ice. He also added that he would like a coke while I am up there. FML
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perstephane 4

Wow, the love and concern are overwhelming...


yeah, you should have been in the kitchen anyways.

Agreed. You did go upstairs and get the coke, right?

DonkeyShoez 0

dang, whoever said this isn't an fml is freakin stupid. can't you see that if someone elbowed you in the eye and you were somewhat blind wouldn't you be like "**** my life" and then she has to do manual labor because her boyfriend is really lazy. this is definitely an fml.

cadillacgal79 32

Can anybody here translate the above comment? I think it's asshole but that doesn't make sense.

ParaplegicPony 0

What's the big deal here. You're about to leave the room, so he puts the TV on. If a guy sees that his girl has a problem, it comes down to two things. If he can help, or if he cant. In this situation, it's not like there's anything he can do to heal your eye, so he tells you you should put some ice on it. He asks you a favor of grabbing a coke while your already there getting ice. Seriously, what's the big freaking deal. Stop being an ungrateful bitch.

Actually, #24, you're right, he can't really do anything to heal her eye, but since HE was the one who elbowed her in the face, it would've been nice if he would get the ice for her. Not only did he not get the ice and just sit there, but he also asks for coke? What? His lazy ass can't get upstairs? I've been elbowed in the eye, and ****! It hurt! He's inconsiderate!

Ligerie 0

How am I an ungrateful bitch, and I agreed with the boyfriend. so stfu.

ParaplegicPony 0

Yes inconsiderate, but not FHL.

agreed. he's a jerk. a rude, inconsiderate, uncaring, lazy jerk. hope she dumped him. or at least told him how much of a jerk he was and he apologised. genuinely. ha. yeah right. doesn't sound like this guy would. yep. i say dump him. surely you would realise he was a jerk beforehand though? :S

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RandomDude256 0

yeah well, think about it. he CAN help get some ice! and get that coke for himself

he elbowed her so he should get the ice, it's that simple

cayytee 0

i agree. and all these crazy girls need to chill when guys joke about stuff in a girl and think most of the "sexist" comments are funny. theyre just supposed to be funny.

maichido 0

Mmm. I can totally see why he's your boyfriend.

He put aside his own animal desires for concern over your eye. What's the problem? Ungrateful bitch.

idc how old this comment is, I hope you get hit by a bus

perstephane 4

Wow, the love and concern are overwhelming...

feari_princess 0

Well duh. You should have magically avoided his elbow!

the_stereotype 0

i hope he got that soda in his eye. and if he gets up, tell him to get some napkins to clean it up. it's pretty much the same thing

bloodberry23 9

Putting laxative in his coke would have been nice too.