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Today, I sat to the right of a girl I really like. I passed her a note asking her to homecoming. She read it, then hurriedly passed it to a hideous girl sitting on her left, who said yes, then hugged me. FML
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expen_dable 0

so its wrong to think a girl is unattractive? so do you say "yes" to every guy who asks you out, and you wouldn't dare call a guy ugly or unattractive? I hate this double standard where whiny fat girls say "ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL HOW DARE YOU NOT SAY YES!!" but have no problem gossiping about the ugly guy that just tried to ask your friend out. sorry but this isn't a perfect world of flowers and butterflies and unicorns where every girl is a princess.

amanbaby 0

that sucks...she couldve just said no, without doing that.


Wow, your username is really appropriate. You are an asshole.

dul_fml 2

How is he an asshole, if the girl next to him passed the note on? He just needs to explain to the other girl that he didn't want to go with her.

The problem isn't TRULY that the hideous girl got the note. The problem is that the girl he was asking out flat out rejected him in a completely insensitive way.

#3 - he's an asshole for calling the other girl hideous. OH NO HE MIGHT HAVE TO GET TO KNOW SOMEONE WHO *DOESN'T* LOOK LIKE A SUPERMODEL, HOW TERRIBLE FOR HIM. he deserves this date, maybe it will teach him not to be so ******* shallow.

expen_dable 0

so its wrong to think a girl is unattractive? so do you say "yes" to every guy who asks you out, and you wouldn't dare call a guy ugly or unattractive? I hate this double standard where whiny fat girls say "ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL HOW DARE YOU NOT SAY YES!!" but have no problem gossiping about the ugly guy that just tried to ask your friend out. sorry but this isn't a perfect world of flowers and butterflies and unicorns where every girl is a princess.

There's nothing wrong with thinking someone is unattractive by your standards, it's plain human nature. But going about calling somebody 'hideous' is very wrong.



gigi37 0

The OP is a bit of an ass, but he's also a little high school bitch. He can't man up and ask the girl in person and instead writes a stupid note. He should have just written a note addressed to the girl he likes asking to talk to her after class. I would say you get what you deserve, but that would be unfair to the other girl. 46, I totally agree with you on that double standards thing. People are well within their opinion on who they think is attractive or not. The problem is when they convey it to others it's how they word it.

Gruffy 0

#46...Bout damn time somebody said it.... props for droppin some hard truth on these people!! and OP...tough break and all, but flat out, YDI...if youre old enough to be going to homecoming dances, youre FAR too old to be asking a girl out with a note. I'm willing to bet that if you stood up and showed enough balls to ask her right out, she might have said yes. Not to mention that this whole situation could've been avoided. YDI for tryin to ask a girl out like a tool, show a little more stones in the future, and things will probably work out better. If not...take it like a man and move on.

If he was in class, a note might not be such a big deal (as in, they couldn't talk). And come on, you know you've all had times where your courage just abandoned you, so you tried a more indirect approach. Normally I say "man up!" but he was sitting right next to her, so it wasn't really being a pussy, as she was right there to give the answer to his face. Instead, SHE should be the one to man up, instead of passing the note along instead of just saying "no thanks." She also just dumped false hope in that girl's lap for her own selfish needs. What a bitch! Also, agreed with 46, though I think it was inappropriate to call her "hideous." Maybe this will teach him a lesson on looking further than skin deep. No, you should say "yes" to every person who asks you out, but you shouldn't so quickly judge everyone you meet just by appearance. Unfortunately he's going to have to get to know her in a more intimate setting than he obviously would like, but it COULD turn out well in the end for the two of them.... Or maybe this is someone's FML from the past. They're getting married now, but wanted to post their funny first meeting! Hence his name? Ahaha, I'm kidding, but that'd be pretty cool. Anyway, both OP and the chick are pretty childish.

no0000ob 0

number 46 is rite u dumbfuck

Espion_fml 1

You're honestly telling me that you would approach someone you find physically unattractive on the basis that they might be a nice person inside? It's nothing to do with looking for a super model. It's to do with looking for someone you like. His idea of attractive might be your idea of hideous. Maybe he could've used different words to describe the situation but you need to get off your high horse and get used to reality. No ones going to actively pursue someone they're not attracted to.

"No you shouldn't say yes"* I mean Wow, took a whole day to see that one. I shouldn't post while cramping.

The girl that passed the note is a b*tch, but I do not think the guy is an asshole for calling her hideous. It's not like he said it directly to her, and how do you know, maybe she was completely hideous, and maybe the girl that passed the note was amazingly gorgeous, and while looking at both of them in class, all he could say about the other was was that she was hideous. Him posting his thoughts on this website does not make him an asshole, nor does him thinking it in his mind. If he said that to her face though....thats a different story.

XxladyreaperxX 0

i was about to say what u just said, so not only r u cool and intellegint, u saved me time ty ^.^

lace2010 0

I agree with 63...YDI for bein a pussy and not doing it in person.

Chocolate_Chunk 2

thanks, 46

it's okay to think she is unattractive, but to say she is hideous does make you am asshole. OP deserves it.

A relationship will not work with pith some physical attraction. Maybe she was actually hideous and not just average

I find it rather simple to not call people unattractive. Being a decent person is not hard. But you know, you do you, I guess.

preach ************

amanbaby 0

that sucks...she couldve just said no, without doing that.

am i the only one that realized he said she sat to the right of him and said she passed it to the hideous girl on the left?

upsidedownfrownn 5

He sat to the right of her.

Don't go, or try her out. She's a bitch anyway.

playfuldesk 0

Don't pass notes. Grow balls and ask her

If they were in class it was probably the best way for him to ask. Don't be an arse.

JustALesbian 16

Wait till after you ********

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tiancai 0

lmao only other hideous people could give such an advice. Not to mention, those willing to actually stick around long enough to find out the personality of someone hideous are probably not such a pleasant sight themselves..

jchansfan 0

lol Notice her picture is an ugly cartoon, not a good sign if you'd rather be represented by that than your actual picture... :P

I hate people who say shit like that, if she has a great personality then be her friend. Why would he want to date someone he finds hideous, then he would be in a realationship with someone who he refuses to **** and will end up dumping her anyway.................or cheating on her...........or he could develop an ugly girl fetish..........or he could go and find the one ring to rule them all and use it to propose to her...........or he could rape the girl he likes..........or he could..............nar........i'm done.

I'm sure she'd be really pretty if someone gave her a chance...You know, some girls doll up for the guys they like. If she likes him, she'll want to be prettier for him. You guys are the ones who are shallow.

The above comment is talking about how the girl might end up being pretty, then calls everyone else shallow. It's kinda shallow that you only defend on the chance she might be able to become attractive physically, rather than mentioning personality. Also regardless of how she looks, if he finds her hideous then he obviously wont want to go out with her, why debate this? People have different tastes, she is not for him, his choice

I never said it wasn't his choice. And I certainly never said she HAD to become pretty. I'm just saying, he should give her a chance because who knows, she might become prettier to *him*. ("Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and all that. ) Those other people are definitely shallow though.

danielleFML, THANK YOU! Thank you for telling the world that hideous people can be interesting and amazing. We need someone like you to stand up for us and tell it to the world! If the word gets out, maybe I can get a date. I hope I don't sound shallow, but you need to do something about those eyebrows, they're way too bushy to be attractive, girl!

tiancai 0

#23, someone who is "hideous" in the true sense of the word, even if "dolled up", as you put it, to the max, could possibly approach being "tolerable", but to actually become even remotely attractive, extensive plastic surgery would be required...

personality is for friends, looks are important to be attracted to someone..

Cuz they all feel the same in the dark!

Well, there is your answer OP. Make the prom date with this girl, then just before you go out, go into the bathroom, grab some eyebrow scissors from your sister/mom and gouge your eyeballs out. Once the blood and pain subside, the chick will be as hot as any other your will ever not see again. Then just hope she isn't like Shamu fat, because regardless of what Plexico says they may all look the same in the dark, but they do not necessarily feel the same.

i hope your kidding

Chocolate_Chunk 2

23, read 46

oh my ******* god. to date someone they have to be physically attractive as well as have a mental connection. so slow your damn roll.

jchansfan 0

Aww... =( Note is a bad tactic though... lol

Notes are just dumb. I once found a note under my desk that said "Will you go out with me?". The moron didn't even put their name on it, so i walked up to the hot chick in the class and said "yes". She said "please get away from me". Notes suck!

Oh do I remember the days when you would write notes asking someone to go out with you. Funny how "going out" went from a full blown relationship to going on a date and perhaps ******* when you got older.

sounds like you are getting laid after homecoming.

I'd say OP should have manned up and asked her face to face rather than give her a note. Women don't appreciate such weak tactics. *Plus the other chick may not have been a bitch, she might have really thought it was for the next girl. Whatever, he deserved it...

I love how this comment is worded.."such weak tactics" hahaha