By Shawna - 02/01/2010 01:19 - United States

Today, I got all dressed up for a New Year's party. When my parents and siblings left the house to their parties, I got undressed. I wasn't going to a party. I only got dressed up so my family would think I had plans. FML
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Dude I would have just chilled in my jammies and play some Xbox. Who cares what my family thinks if they asked if I had plans I would say these are my plans.

Be happy! No one to steal your alcohol or drunkenly throw up on you. (;

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Why? Not everybody wants or needs them. And you can party without them too.

party by yourself? how? drink alone in your basement then pass out? that is not a party, that is just sad

So you're saying you would rather stay home alone and do nothing on New Year's eve just so that you wouldn't tell your parents you don't have any plans and see if you can do something with them instead?

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"you're" damn. And for some people, sure it is. People are lazy and it's sometimes hard to get anyone out.. especially if they're married.

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She's not "lazy", she just didn't want to leave her cat all alone.

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go kick it with your local bum, problem solved.