By whythebunny - United States - Bastrop
Today, in an effort to look more professional at work, I wore high heels. My boss decided today would be a great day for me to walk around on the sidewalk holding a sign to advertise instead of doing the job I was hired for. FML
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  shortswimmer17  |  28

or maybe it was because I was on my phone and not paying attention since I was eating while on my break...?? spelling mistakes aren't a crime no matter what some people think. I don't care if I was comment number one either if that's what I cared about wouldn't I have said it like all those others that try??


Because there may be a pharmacy nearby that sells flexible flats by Dr. Scholl's that OP can buy, as opposed to traveling home and back to work, especially if the commute is long.

By  whatunicorn  |  17

At least you know you looked good in your killer high heels.
Either way Sorry OP I know how it feels to be in heels and on your feet all day, better luck next time!