By un_christmas - Malaysia - Petaling Jaya
Today, my boyfriend and I were having Christmas dinner while his mom was away. I was lying alone on his bed while he did the dishes, when the bedroom door dramatically swung open and his mom glared at me from the doorway. I had to leave when she screamed "FORNICATION IS A SIN!" FML
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  nahbean13  |  3

Enslaved is right. You have no evidence that OP's boyfriend's mom's parents weren't married when they conceived her. Fornication isn't sex, it's intercourse between people who aren't married to each other.


Are all of you really that stupid? I think you guys may need to pick up a dictionary.
fornication: noun: consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other. -the word you all are thinking of is adultery.

  nahbean13  |  3

If she thinks that fornication is a sin, then she probably has a son because she had sex with her husband. People don't only have children out of wedlock, you know.

  Shilokitten666  |  19

For all of u above, the mother may be a severe catholic, in which case she woudlnt fornicate since thats sex between unwed couples and thats probably why she screamed its a sin

By  cmyk  |  19

Why were you not helping with the dishes? Sounds bit rude just going to bed without helping if it was only you two there..

However, his mum sounds like a mental patience.. Good luck with that..

  cmyk  |  19

Thanks :) hehe.

All I'm thinking is why not bother to do things together at Christmas instead of going to bed and let your partner do all the work? No matter male or female. I always help my hubby, mum / dad or mother in law during Christmas dinner as its much nicer with company than doing it all alone.. Goes quicker too. As I'm assuming there is as much dishes as we get where I'm from, its not a 5 min job..

  DanielleinDC  |  32

Maybe OP cooked dinner. Or she offered to do the dishes and the boyfriend--being a good guy--said no, he'd take care of it.

Either way, that really sucks that Psycho Mom wasn't away. And considering you were just lying in bed and the boyfriend wasn't there, I imagine there was no fornicating going on. yet.

  pradip  |  26

You can't ask your girlfriend to do the dishes in your parents home.
Also everyone stop stating OP's boyfriend's mom badly. Some people believe sex before certain age or premarital sex as a sin.

By  WrongRomance  |  11

Reverse it on her. Start wearing a cross necklace and carrying the bible. When she comes near, hiss at her and douse her with "holy water" (from the toilet) Then her guilty conscience will get stronger, and every little sin she has/is committing will be a heavier burden.