By Anonymous - 7/9/2021 16:59 - Canada - Breslau

Fuck you, Elon

Today, my new electric car lied to me about its range, and the nine fast-charging stations I visited either didn't exist, were blocked off, broken, or not fast. We spent three hours sitting in the car in the rain waiting for the car to slow charge so we could make it home, and my wife is furious with me. FML
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  ChipBoundary  |  9

Doubtful, but even if that were true, the environmental impact is drastically lower. The math has already been done. The carbon footprint on an EV is drastically lower than a standard ICE vehicle.

By  Suaria  |  37

This was my experience when I drove a Nissan Leaf for two years. It said it was a 60 mile range on it but it was more like 30 on one charge

By  Slim87R  |  7

Mileage changes based on driving habits. This is true for both gas and electric vehicles. Your turbo 4 cylinder can get 30MPG if you stay out of the boost. It can also get 10MPG if you hoon everywhere. Same basic concept with electric. The heavier your foot, the more charge you pull from the battery.

  EBrogen  |  12

True, but electric infrastructure is competing with a hundred+ year infrastructure. Personally, I believe they both have their place. Electric for commute and everyday driving around the city, gas or diesel for extended trips. Seeing where some of these charging stations are at, a person is waiting to be a victem while it charges.