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By  br0ccoli  |  14

That must be the stealth, special ops cops meant for people who habitually get out of tickets by flashing a little boob and batting their eyelashes. They're good.

(it's a joke ppl relax)

  FMLshark  |  12

Cops can abuse their power, just like anyone else who is able to. But frankly, I'd hate to live in a world without a little law enforcement.
Oh God I can't even imagine.

  ZooMzy  |  9

11- How do you know Ninja Cops don't exist? You can't fully disprove something you can't see, taste, or touch.

Just like unicorns and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You're in for a wake up call when all three attack you at once.

  sparkrok  |  8

In my experience, they're only assholes if you're an asshole. Or if you act like a smart ass, or the like. I've never been anything but nice to a cop and I've never been in trouble with one. Headlights, tail lights, speeding, parking places I shouldn't have... I've had my share of being pulled over, but I've always been really nice to them and they were nice back. That's all it is. Everyone just needs to play nice. No one is the tough shit that they think they are...

  downtime  |  12

25, You clearly haven't had much experience with police then, or your area must only hire those who are extremely competent at their jobs. The rest of us have encountered our fair share of those ones who like to throw their weight around or enjoy punishing people for things that a warning would be more than suitable for. Keep in mind, the law is not beyond reproach, so while yes the "all cops are assholes" and the "fuck da police" attitude makes for some pure eye rolling agony, you need to be realistic with your comments.