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By Ellie - 08/05/2012 05:05 - United States

Today, I was practicing for a choir concert that I have next week. My mom walked into my room and listened to me for a little while. After I finished the last song, she smiled, patted me on the head and said, "It's okay honey, I can't sing either." FML
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Awwww, I'm sure your not that bad OP. Everyone has their own taste !

If your mom is cooking dinner go into the kitchen and watch her cook. After a while say "it's okay mommy, I can't cook either". Revenge is sweet.


Awwww, I'm sure your not that bad OP. Everyone has their own taste !

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I taste like a sweet post-up spin around shot. Heheeeh.

If your mom didn't like it, she would've walked away and wouldn't listen for a while. :)

#1 - You.... You're Scottish?! And a highlander?! Finally I have found my people on here! But yeah, she was probably just joking OP, keep practicing you'll be fine.

Oh wow you are too?! :D that has literally made my day.

Don't worry about it, OP. She was probably just joking. :)

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#21 I'm half scottish! Does that count?

Hahah yeh that makes you more Scottish than me. My ethnicity is not Scottish in any way, but I've lived here since I was 5 :P


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Haha awe. Just jokes I'm sure :)

Well heey, even if you can't sing, there's always dance..

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I imagine Lois from family guy doing this to Meg.... Lmao... Its okay op, keep working at it! :)

^ Then Peter would probably fart in her face.

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Exactly!^ lmao :D hahahaha

i dont know if you can sing or not but if you not deal with it an do something else if you can than your mother is an asshole. Say her to go **** herself. For example i cant sing. So i wont going to sing anywhere but sure i can act which makes me rookie actor so i can take part of an act with not that so important role. Please people be more smart when dealing your daily life problems. Thumps down if you an idiot

I'm sorry, I don't know how to thump down someone without meeting them. Ah well. Thumbs down.

Your mom should be encouraging you not discouraging you, I hope you do really good, good luck

Simon Cowel frowns upon everyone. He's a mean lean Danni Minogue ******* machine.

Well, apparently you got her voice. Let's hope you didn't get her bitch gene as well.

It's a gene?! This explains so much...!

Yes. Passed on from mother to daughter. Along with the sammich making gene.

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10 - There's a fine line between joking and being an a-hole, y'know. That line is a dot to you now.

If bitch is a gene it must be ******* dominant

Jigglypuff used sing! It's not very effective. Ah well. Bring out the marker, anyway!

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Zubat used screech. It's super effective! Wild OP's mom fainted... OP gained 64 exp pts.

Either extreem honesty or she is tone def Try voice lessons if you really enjoy singing

If your mom is cooking dinner go into the kitchen and watch her cook. After a while say "it's okay mommy, I can't cook either". Revenge is sweet.

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Not wise to mess with your food supply. If their school is like the ones here, they're likely not allowed to cut people, it "hurts their self esteem". She could very well be terrible but enthousiastic. Keep practicing op, you'll get better.

22- I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that: A.) OP was practicing at home, not at school. B.) OP's mom was the critic, not the school lunch lady.

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Revenge is best served on a cold dish >;})

I think what 22 meant was that op's mom might be right and op may very well be terrible but the school doesn't cut her from choir because they're not allowed to. Just a thought, anyway(:

Revenge is sweet. Revenge is also a dish best served cold. Does this mean revenge is ice cream?

that's pretty rough, invite her to your concert and prove her wrong

keep singing OP, don't let a comment like that bring you down :) with practice comes a better voicecontrol and better singing! I'm sure your voice sounds just fine