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Today, I bought some really expensive face wipes that were supposed to cure my awful acne. I was excited to use them until I found out my mom had used them all wiping down her car. FML
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Thanks for the comments, they made me laugh. First of all, I have tried a bunch of different acne medications and none of them worked so I tried these new wipes that got recommended to me. They are actually full size and it's not super obvious that it's a face wipe. So my mother, who loves to keep her car clean, picked them up off of the table and wiped her car with about 90% of the wipes. I did confront her about it and she apologized but she hasn't gotten me new ones... Thanks for the acne advise, I'll be sure to try some of them.

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Ask her to buy you new ones...she shouldn't be touching stuff that's not hers

She just wanted her car to have a flawless appearance.


Ask her to buy you new ones...she shouldn't be touching stuff that's not hers

Yup. But to "cure" acne. I wouldn't use the wipes. They never worked for me (not saying they aren't going to work for op) but OP you should try like clean and clear. That worked for me in 2 weeks.

My acne went away when I stopped using stuff like that.

Actually when I went to get a facial they told me Clean and Clear is bad. They said to use face washes without alcohol. Just ones with moisturizer.

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Use head and shoulders on your face! I wash my beard with it and I don't have any acne at all. Even if I did you wouldn't be able to tell with my Hugh Jackman/wolverine style beard. So.. Another option you have is to grow a beard!

Ambi face wash worked wonders for me after about a week or two

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I used acne wash for a while and it seemed to work until it kept coming back with more so I stopped using it. Funny thing is, people kept saying that whatever I was using was working.

yea right. what parent will respect ur privacy unless u move out?

I wouldn't use shampoo on my face. But you might want to consider an ointment that contains sulfur. That's the key ingredient in head and shoulders. I think the one I had was made by Aveda.

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some parents still don't respect privacy even then. I'm in my mid-thirties and before my mom died, ever since I was 18, she found some reason to snoop around. She kept a toothbrush and other toiletries at my apartment that were "hers". She would call my cell phone and if I didn't answer she would call my work, and then the school I attended. She went so far as to demand that security collect me from class "for an emergency". Most of the time she just wanted to "make sure I was where I said I was". Heaven help me if I were home or at a friend/boyfriend's house. She would until I answered, use the Internet to track down where my boyfriend or friends lived and just come over. I never got so much as a detention growing up and I have no arrest or driving record. So yeah, parents don't even respect privacy just because their child is grown up and out of the house. Sorry to vent all that, I didn't even touch the tip of the iceberg and I still let out a shit-load

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I had horrendous steroid and weakened immune system induced acne and Skin ID was the only thing that cleared it up.

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I bet she's touched things that aren't hers... ;)

OP, try Proactiv. Really works for me. Also, even if your mom thought they were tissues or something, why would she use all of them? Just waste them one by one?

She just wanted her car to have a flawless appearance.

That's why you wax it, so either OP's mom is the biggest dumbass ever, or just a bitch. Or both.

I'm confused as to what would make her think that your face wipes were for her car? Oh well, parents are like that. I'm sorry OP! Make her pay you back.

She could've saw the wipes and didn't bother to read the label.

I'm guilty of wiping down the "inside" of my car using baby wipes etc... (I'm guessing the mom cleaned the inside not the outside of her car). I clean things like my bathroom/kitchen countertops with them too. Maybe the mom just thought they were similar to that. I hope she does the decent thing and replaces them.

Seeing those wipes being used on the car must have driven you crazy.

Do you ever get tired of puns? Neither do I! Even if it's exhausting, making puns steers the jokes in the right direction.

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Are you serious? I don't know about the environment, but wet wipes are only good for the one time you use them, and are probably covered in dust an dirt from the car. It would be a very stupid idea to use them on your face, especially if you're trying to rid of acne.

119, something tells me 5 was kidding....

Usually face wipes are small, so I have no idea what she was thinking when she used them all. Ask her to reimburse you.

This is exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn't that take twice as long as a car wash? Makes me think she may have done it on purpose. :/

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I really hope OP or OP's mother can replace them. Much luck :)

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probably thought they were interior wipes. like to clean the dash. but still... read the package...

Always nice to exfoliate your car's finish once in awhile lol

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At least her car will be spotless

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is you mom reatded, who uses those kind of wipes on a vehicle

12, I'd suggest investing in an ergonomic keyboard. That way, your hands won't get so tired that they start typing random letters, and you won't seem reatded when you try to call someone retarded.