By chriss - United States
  Today, my mom scooped the litter box right before I went to work. I brown bagged my lunch this morning. She brown bagged the poop from the litter box. Both were on the counter. Guess which one I brought to work? FML
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  colts609380  |  7

wait a sec. u live with ur mom and obviously your a grown man cause you go to work? so u can't be a teen with a part time job because u will probably eat the fast food for lunch there. u won't work somewhere u don't like rite? then that would mean wtf

  hiyalovesheyo  |  0

I call fake. even odorless still has a certain stench. and the fact that you would have heard it if there was kitty litter in there. also that's pretty nasty of your mom to put that shit on your counter if this is tru.