By singkong duleng - 18/08/2018 15:00

Today, I told my mom that my wife and I got her a birthday present, but she won't be getting it until April. That instantly pissed her off, cussing us out calling us cheap worthless selfish bastards. I was about to surprise her that she's finally going to be a grandma. FML
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She has a point. You can't just do a thing you were going to do anyway and pass that off as a birthday present.


She has a point. You can't just do a thing you were going to do anyway and pass that off as a birthday present.

She didn’t know it was a grandchild when she got mad. She was pissed off about not getting, what she thought, was a material gift. Chances are OP was still planning on getting her a card a regular gift as well.

Then why didn’t he say that? DUMBASS.

He doesn't have one. My husband and I have asked.

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I would hope that she changed her tune once she finds out that she’s going to be an grandma. But congratulation!

You could have given her a dead rabbit but I probably would have just thrown some buns in the oven.

I guess some people don't know the saying "the rabbit died" refers to how they used to test for pregnancy using rabbits.

I’ll bet you’re also going to count that as her Mother’s Day gift, too! Cheapskates!

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Once you show the grandkid that video, I bet he/she'll be pissed off too

Cheap, yes. Worthless, I wouldn’t know... The idea is nice, but who the **** says something like that? “Mom, happy birthday! The only “present” we have for you has to wait about 7 months, because we’re too broke to even get you a card.” (Mom): “Don’t you realize that that baby is going to cost you much more than a card?! And let’s not forget what happens if you two divorce before s/he turns 18!”

It’s funny people are assuming this actually was her birthday present, rather than just a cute way to tell her about the pregnancy.

BECAUSE; YOU MORON, HE SAYS, “Today I told my my mom we GOT HER A BIRTHDAY PRESENT, BUT SHE WON’T BE GETTING IT UNTIL APRIL.” So OBVIOUSLY, that WAS the only present. God, I hate stupid people!

"A" present, no where does it say "only present"

OP - Not a very smart move trying to tie in Mom’s birthday with your intended baby announcement. Learn from this, do not mix events and announcements. If it’s an important event or announcement it deserves its own space - not to be used as a tie in or replacement of something else. Having said that, it’s also somewhat immature and petty on Mom’s part to react so badly before you had the opportunity to explain. But you should have known better than to make your announcement this way.