By jmrz - 07/03/2013 11:51 - Puerto Rico - San Juan

Today, I went to the store for a warranty claim on my prescription glasses due to little spots that had appeared on the lenses, covering both. It took 2 seconds for the employee to determine that it was hairspray. FML
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perdix 29

Why would they sell you glasses with hairspray on them? Hahaha, I mean, certainly, you don't use hair spray and are dumb enough to blame them for your . . . oh. Do you want a cookie? I've been told we're supposed to be nice to you people and not use the R-word anymore.

Never thought to clean your glasses huh OP?


perdix 29

Why would they sell you glasses with hairspray on them? Hahaha, I mean, certainly, you don't use hair spray and are dumb enough to blame them for your . . . oh. Do you want a cookie? I've been told we're supposed to be nice to you people and not use the R-word anymore.

R-word??? I feel so stupid. Someone fill me in please?

Retarded. There's been a huge campaign lately to get the word retarded taken out of everyone's vocabulary.

FredF 4

^ Well that's retarded.

If someone is truly retarded I'm not sure they would fully comprehend what retarded means/is.. So why bother.. New words will be created.

shannon.elizabeth 13

my sister has autism and cries when people call her retarded because we use it as an insult to say stupid currently, if someone is "retarded" it does hurt their feelings. dont use it.

HEY HEY HEY that's their word.

Hmm, I thought the r-word was Ralph.

Okay well if you're conflicted on your stance for this campaign. Just consider this, would you go up to a baby and say "the devil is gonna come and eat you while you're sleeping." Now even if the baby doesn't understand it, you know your stance if you're okay with this or if you think it's just wrong. You're welcome, conflicted youth.

xStaciexLynnx 15

I don't normally talk about the devil but I certainly tell babies that they stink and I openly tell them when they're funny looking because they don't understand.

perdix 29

#57, pshaw, that's nothing. Whenever I see a very cute baby, I go up to it and tell it I was also a very cute baby. The moms take one look at me and start crying!

59- you're a genius for that one. I'd like to steal that line and now use it on my niece. Thank You. Lol

The acceptable term is "mentally retarded." And people get offended these days when you use the word "retarded" to describe someone or something that is not literally mentally retarded. And yes, many, perhaps even most, mentally retarded people understand what the word "retarded" means, and realize when people are making fun of them. There are many varieties of mental retardation, and some of them are actually almost normal, and you wouldn't notice that there is anything wrong with then until you spent some time with them. For example, I worked with a mentally retarded girl at a convenience store once. She could read and write and knew how to use the register and run the deli. She was just very immature for her age, and would sometimes throw tantrums and speak at an inappropriately loud volume when she got excited about something, and it was usually things hardly worth getting upset or excited about.

sounds like autisum/aspergerS my brothers the exact same

77- Mentally retarded is not the politically correct term anymore. It is intellectually challenged/ intellectually disabled.

That's one thing I hate about this website, ask a simple question and everyone thumbs you down :/

I stopped using the R-word. Now I tell my friends they're mentally disabled.

perdix 29

#90, also it causes us to bring back some of the venerable old words for stupid people that all seemed to get replaced by the R-word. Welcome back, Moron, Idiot, Dolt, Imbecile, Dunce, Oaf, Fool, Dumb-ass, Mouth-Breathing, Knuckle-Dragger. (I did that all without consulting a thesaurus. Feel free to add more,. . ., you dunces ;) )

The term "mentally retarded" isn't really used anymore, if you work with anyone with disabilities. The newest term I've heard is "intellectually disabled." Most previous terms have fallen out of fashion because of the stigma involved.

86, No she didn't have aspbergers or any other form of autism. She didn't have trouble socializing with people. She was actually quite friendly. She definitely had below average intelligence, though. It simply wasn't immediately apparent. 93, I didn't realize they'd stopped using the term "mentally retarded" in professional circles. I just thought it was considered offensive when the word "mentally" was dropped. Learn something new everyday, I guess.

Wait wait wait...I get THREE warnings for complete bullshit reasons and THIS DOESN'T get moderated?! Bravo, FML staff and moderators, Bravo indeed you ******* r-words...

@86 That's kind of what I was thinking too; the girl sounds more like she had a mild/high-functioning form of autism. I might very well be a little autistic (high-functioning/Aspergers) and seem to be fairly "normal" but I'm emotionally immature and get upset/frustrated easily. I also don't always know how to behave and get confused easily.

I figure that as long as it's used in place of the word stupid and not used in reference to anyone mentally handicapped, there's nothing wrong with it.

Blacksabbath211 9

Sounds like a *puts on sunglasses* hairy situation! O.o

corruptedlol 2

Fuck you Horatio.

Sounds like a *takes off glasses* shitty comment.

33- How does that make any sense?

It was a reference to Spongebob.. It was something Patrick did..

33 - *please be a spongebob reference**please be a spongebob reference*

That's why I always check to make sure they don't just wipe off

hairspray marks don't wipe off, it destroys the coating on the lenses

No it doesn't destroy the lenses lol. they are just hard to remove. All you need is a little dish soap and they come right off.

Never thought to clean your glasses huh OP?

No way! Glasses are disposable like napkins.

'What gets a girl asked out to lunch?'

Is there a punch line here or?

perdix 29

#6, are you playing Jeopardy!?

then000bster 16

What is Cloraphorum.

Allornone 35

Putting out?

flockz 19

a feeling of hunger and need for companionship?

a date rape drug ?

Javee 17

Wipe it of with a cotton wipe dipped in rubbing alcohol, then rinse it with soap and water. Use a soft cloth and be careful not to scratch the lense. And don't expect the store to give you a new pair for something stupid you did.

As someone who works in the industry, that may not work. The coatings they put over most lenses can actually be rather sensitive and if the product is left on the lenses there is a chance for permanent damage/spots. Definitely give it a try. Its best to apply hairspray without your glasses because it can ruin plastic on a frame.The best thing I've seen: a man tried to use industrial stove cleaner on his glasses.

Some dish soap and rubbing will get any hairspray off.

mkid232 15

You have an entire musical in your contacts?!

perdix 29

#8, they were glasses and it was probably just "Good Morning, Baltimore."

That's what I was going for too #8, I guess there aren't that many musical lovers on FML

mkid232 15

I realized it said glasses after a bit, but by then FML glitched on me and wouldn't let me get back on to edit my comment. Ah well.

Maybe contacts would be a better fit for you. Unless you get hair spray on them. On a side note, when you get new glasses, they give you spray and sometimes a nice little towel. Use them. Works for your TV too, in case you were thinking of bringing that back due to spots as well.

FYI. Aerosol plus contacts equals excruciatingly mind boggling pain.

its just common sense to try and wipe off the spots first op.

Common sense isn't so common

Did you tell him you still want a new pair?