By Dogless - 21/08/2011 05:51 - United States

Today, over a year on from my parents telling me my dog had died, I went to the shelter to volunteer, and saw my old dog. FML
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You should keep dropping hints about how this one dog looks particularly like your old one until they confess.


I didn't think a dog could stay in a shelter that long, I thought the got euthanized after like a month or two

Some shelters are a no kill shelter, meaning they don't euthanize the animals

ya as 29 said sone shelters don't kill. the shelter where I got my cats both of my cats had been there almost a year.

how can you know its hers? it can be whatever other dog that looks exactly like her old one...

If that was me I'd do anything to get my dog back

Gruv3r14 1

What if it had a distinction? Like a scar, or it recognized him?

Most dogs don't look exactly alike, and when you own a dog, and lose it, and then see it again, you just know it.

an animal is like your family member, I'm pretty sure op would notice if the dog was ops or not.. I take it you've never had a sincere pet b4.

deerpants 2

They could have dumped the dog and it just recently was taken to the shelter by someone else.

-80 You are extremely right. and, Id bring it home and be like "Hey, look what I found!" :P Id pay money to see their face. :3

ChrisMora 16

I have two dogs, and if one of them went missing, I'm 100% sure I could recognize him a year later.

just like you can tell your children apart from others, a person can tell their dog apart from others.

You should keep dropping hints about how this one dog looks particularly like your old one until they confess.

Or run away and leave a suicide note saying how this one dog looked like your old one and you can't stand it anymore

Malke ur parents pay for him or her again

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my brain done did grow three sizes after readin that! my eyeballs hert!

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A sense of humor: consider getting one.

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Get him and go home and say "he came from the dead".

zuzupetalsYO 11

Tell your new employer about this. Usually people have to leave their names when dropping off an animal. If your employer is heartless then you should adopt your dog back and move out the first chance you get.

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don't take him back to your parents or anything. try to find him a good home so he wont end up back in a shelter. poor thing

It must be fate. I guess "the truth came out." your parents need a lesson.

BelleBelle_fml 11

What is with all these parents hating/getting rid of their children's pets, and then lying to them about it? Parents are supposed to be an example, but all these parents are just teaching their kids it's ok to lie.

zuzupetalsYO 11

My parents didn't lie to me, they told me they were doing it, and with not much warning. I miss my Sasha sausagehead.

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Wait, you're talking about your face, right?

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