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Today, I was listening to my son's teacher gossip about students whilst in the grocery store. I was thrilled when she described my son as "A model student". However, she then went on to say, "Which is surprising considering that his parents are trailer trash." FML
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not surprising when they can't spell trailer


twittom 0

not surprising when they can't spell trailer

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Actually, in Canada, "trailor" is an accepted spelling. Use any standard word processing software and change the language to "Canadian English" for your proof.

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there's a popular show in Canada called Trailer Park Boys, so I did not know this.

They capitalize the word "a" in Canada too? Weirdos(:

They capitalize the word "a" in Canada too? Weirdos(:

I'm Canadian and its spelt trailer here too not trailor

Maybelline008 10

#66 before everyone started complaining about the OP spelling the FML had "trailor" instead of "trailer".

this from a guy taking it in his Hugh Jass by a statue..

54 - I'm Canadian as well and we can spell it either way.

She also spelled while wrong and your an asshole 135

Whilst is simply an "archaic" alternative to while. Same meaning.

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first I would have walked up to her and introduced myself , then I would tell her that she might think of me as trash but I'm not the one talking about people behind their backs, lastly I would tell her that at least I'm still going to be employed after I complain to the principal , school board, PTA, and plaster it across facebook, twitter, 4-square, linkedin, and the local news chat rooms. But then again that's just me

142 - Actually, she didn't. 'Whilst' is the British version of 'while', just like 'spelt' is the British version of 'spelled'. She spelled it right and used it in the right context, though not many Canadians use the British way of spelling (aside from the common 'ou' in 'colour' and 'favourite').

You know what ? Canadiens are ******* awesome .

122- I'm canadien too and you're supposed to spell it trailer because you're canadien, but some people just like spelling it trailor better. Sadly, I'm twelve and know this but you guys all don't .

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I hope you all are kidding. In Canada we are not freaks. Do not worry, we don't spell it Trailor. Whoever said that is unbelievably stupid. If I put that on my paper, I will lose a mark and my teacher will most likely call me an idiot for spelling one of the easiest to spell in the English language wrong. It is spelled Trailer.

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All the cAnAdiAns took offense And voted it down :(

maybe they mispelled it cuz they were busy riding their polar bear to school from their igloo after having a maple syrup breakfast with a tv-less night of playing yatzee.... eh?

and yet you mispelles Canadian?? Really?

Wow, seriously #169? Change the language to your word processing software to "Canadian English," and see if it tells you that "trailor" is wrong. We take many of our spellings from British English, although many people now spell things the American way. If any teacher marked this as incorrect, you could easily fight it... Same with using an "s" instead of a "z" in words like criticise. They are CORRECT spellings, and just because you do not spell them that way, does not make them incorrect. I grew up in southern Ontario (near London), and have always spelled them as "trailor" and "criticise" and have never received any hassle from teachers (or professors when I was in university)... In short: Please do not call me stupid. Take the time to learn about alternate spellings.

183 - stfu stop being racist and canadien is the orgin of Canadian .

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135 go die In a hole u ****** douchebag,

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Or just take the high road and say, "Pleased to meet you. I'm Mrs. Johnson." Then leave. Then do that other internet stuff.

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I looked on there and it IS spelled 'trailer' smart one. -.-

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Well you did spell kindergarten wrong, plus you're Canadian. ydi

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coming from the dude who has Justin beiber as his profile pic. nice.

amen!! I'd tell the bitch exactly that!

actually whilst is the formal version of while in britain. for when you're writing posh letters etc. mostly I just say while

199- I think we could tell you're 12 as your picture is justin bieber. just saying

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#144 is my hero. =D I live in a trailer- I spell it 'trailer' where I'm from- and it really ticks me off when people stereotype like that. Its like people look at you and think "Oh..they're from a trailer park..they'll never get anywhere in life..they were probably born with a crack pipe in their mouth..' Most of those stereotypes aren't even true. I am 21 and I have a good job and I don't have any kids, nor am I pregnant. I am going to school soon also. Yeah..some people actually contribute to the stereotype..most of those people messed up early in life and don't know how to pull themselves back up. And some people work really hard but still get paid crap because they don't have a college degree. I would do exactly what #144 said. Tell her that you're gonna still have a job, unlike her, come tomorrow when you talk to the principal. And how is it that surprising that a smart kid came from a trailer park? We work just as hard as the rest of the kids in school. I hope that teacher gets fired and is never allowed to teach again. Douche.

...apparently you can't read. Its spelled precisely the same way you did. Both are correct.

He is being an asshole, but "Canadian" is not a race, it's a nationality.

you can say/type whilst. look it up in the dictionary dumbass

You spelled exactly the same way as them.

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Yeah, that threw me off for a second... haha.

I wouldve punched her in the throat and poored beer on her

That would make her child's life hell in school.

I would have laughed at that but then I realized, what the hell is poored?

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ur pic matches ur comments so well

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slap that bitch in the face with an algebra book ..

Yeah, if you think about it that way you already have someone who loves you and your son is good looking... Although, I'll say FYL because it's never fun to be insulted

Maybe I'm just weird, but I immediatly thought of a very moldy trailer.

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I had a boyfriend who was that way. He is currently getting his masters in molecular science and his mother and family are complete trash.

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5- being a very open minded artist and admirer of the beauty of the female body, yours is amazing! exquisite girl keep rockin it :)

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everybody judges, it's human nature....the teacher shouldn't categorize all "trailer trash" as idiots or failures.....

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Well, even if it's not illegal, it's still unprofessional.

At least your son turned out okay though, right?

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59 seems like the only troll here

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No, I'm pretty sure that chick is a troll, not the guy that pointed it out.

hmm I've never been considered a troll before.

yea well now u have congratulations on being as ugly as a troll

If that was me, there would have been a UFC smackdown in that grocery store!

And prove the teacher right? Nobody seems to believe in grace or civility. Confront the teacher, certainly, but not with violence. Walking up and thanking her for the kind remarks she made about your child would've been sufficent to make her realise she was in the wrong. If you must, you could tell her you find it highly unprofessional of her to discuss students and parents in public to third parties.

Nice 120. Try your approach the next time a ho butts in line at a McDonalds. Then come back here and share with us how it worked out for ya.

Hahaha, you should've walked up to her and laid on the heaviest, most ridiculous and obnoxious country white trash accent on her to try and piss her off XD And the slap her! >:D

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So what does that make the teacher if they shop at the same grocery store?

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now get on her like a tornado in a trailer park.. damn town gossips

It's spelled 'trailer' you dumb bitch. Maybe you should grab a book and learnify yourself insteada eavesdropping at the grocery store. Or at least l2spellcheck

Hm maybe you should grab a book too. You can spell instead. And fyi learnify isn't a word.

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Learnify? Perhaps you should learn how to use words correctly before you start calling others derogatory names.

It's called different spellings bitch. I spell color as 'colour'. You have a problem with that? Damn Americans.

Actually, it's called "Canadian English," because the individual who posted it is from Nova Scotia. Up here in good ole' Canada, we have two accepted spellings. So perhaps instead of telling someone else to "educate themselves," you yourself could learn proper grammar and punctuation and realize that there are many accepted spellings of words.

And now, the spelling of it in the original post has been changed. That's odd, considering it was never spelled incorrectly...

Maybelline008 10

And you'd have to be the individual to include nationalities in the comment. How about you hop off 'Americans' d*ck and focus on your people. Not every American is arrogant.

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only the arrogant are arrogant

#40: I don't know if that was directed at me, but the reason I said what I said was because the person I replied to made a comment about the OP being uneducated and not knowing how to spell (although the person I replied to had horrid grammar). I also believe he/she called the OP a bitch or something to that effect, but the comment has since been removed. I am not claiming to be superior, I was merely letting the individual know that there was nothing wrong with the OP, and that they should check their own spelling before criticizing someone else.