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  flying_vegan  |  0

Yeah, I've decided to pretty much rage at anyone who starts screaming "first".
My car was shat upon the other day. I've got a a fair amount of anger brewed up.

  shoieb9  |  14

ahhahahahahhaha... It took me 3 whole months to be there :D
more over I moderated it and checked to find it here... so i think i can be there :)
have a nice day!

  flying_vegan  |  0

Well #19, congratulations. You could have made a decent first comment, and we might have remembered you as "the guy that didn't draw attention to the fact that he was first, and subsequently isn't a cunt", but you just wrote "first", and are therefore doomed to join the other forgotten commenters who wasted valuable commenting space with something already indicated by the little number attached to their posts.
So... congratulations.

  bexox  |  0

That's what I thought too. How would a small child know about C-sections? Why is what he said so bad anyway? It's kind of cute, actually.
Kids say the darndest things!


look people as a mother of a 5 year old, I can tell you. It's worth it to talk with them, and explain things that are beyond what they know, because that's how we learn. and a five year old can understand what a c section is.

  Erniesduck123  |  0

That is the first thing I thought. Why would the teacher call? It's not like he was going around saying he's abused or something, if I were a teacher I would have just assumed he was born on a boat :)