By jogger - 27/11/2011 05:30 - United States

Today, I was jogging when a woman ran out of her house and handed me an invitation for a party. What was the invitation for? A weight loss treatment party. Guess the jogging isn't working. FML
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High school reunions blow anyway

By Spaceballs - 27/08/2023 00:02

Today, I got an invite to my high school reunion. With visions of wowing my former classmates, I set about starting a diet and exercise regimen. The universe had other plans. On my first run out in the fields, I managed to trip over an invisible pebble, fall into a puddle, and fuck my ankle up. The only thing I'm reuniting with now is my couch and a bag of ice. FML
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Ugh... I know people think they're trying to help when they do stuff like this, but really, all it does is hurt the person's feelings and make you look like a total ass.


jwade11 12

She probably just gave u the invitation coz she saw u working out. People work out to lose weight and since u were running that shows you're interested in keeping fit and healthy. She prob just assumed the invitation would benefit you since you are a person that works out which automatically shows you're working to maintain your body.

Well at least she had good intentions when she gave it to you. Don't stop doing what your doing, keep jogging. !

Sometimes doing sports with friends is more helpfull..give it a try.. -- for those who is gonna say the OP doesn't know the lady.. I know, still i think the OP should give a try

iBhope 7

Aww OP, that sucks. But keep at it and you'll see results :)

We failed to look at one thing. How is OPs diet? If they jog then put down an entire twinky factory, they're running in circles.

Ugh... I know people think they're trying to help when they do stuff like this, but really, all it does is hurt the person's feelings and make you look like a total ass.

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People are senseless sometimes. -.-

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Eat right, keep your excercise regime and stick to it and over the next few months you will see the weight drop, don't listen to the people who say you can't.

Jog early in the morning without the dependence of food to give you energy, trust me, it will help.

KiddNYC1O 20

Why did this get thumbs down? Clearly, 6 meant op should stay positive and keep jogging.

I would have said " keep the invite for someone who needs it or someone who cares"

Not really, she thought that she is helping the OP.. So why to be mean to her???

Well the fact that she saw you jogging still emphasizes the fact that you want to lose weight right? I'm sure she could come to the conclusion that you're jogging to lose weight regardless of whether your jogging is helping or not.

Lol I remember talking about this a long time ago. Lifting weights along with cardio helps you lose weight far more than just one of the two.

Hahah! Yep! At least we can say you occasionally learn something new on FML.

Oh believe me, if you want to learn something on FML go look at the FML two down from this one about the fractured finger and look at the thread under comment 17. Milk will never be the same to me...

Good point!! eating right, gaining more muscles, and exercising increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Also drinking lots of water helps:) don't let that random woman interfere with your weight loss goals, OP:)

jwade11 12

Omg I commented the same even before I read yours. Lol weird! But great thinking!

nuggetmonster 12

Well if she's 'overweight' or needing to lose weight herself, maybe she's sincere about it and thought you guys could do it together.

perdix 29

It's your logic that's not working. Jogging may have helped you lose 20 lbs, butt you still have 50 more to lose. The jogging is working, butt you still have a way to go. Beware of that trap of rewarding your exercise efforts with food. People sometimes overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise and underestimate how many calories are in their treats, so the end up making things worse. Your weight loss is about three-fourths determined by your eating habits.

perdix 29

When talking about fatties, that is the preferred form of the conjunction. ;)