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Today, I'm on a medication that really dehydrates my skin. I thought split lips were the worst side effects. Other split orifices make a trip to the toilet a literal pain in the arse. No sign of stopping in the near future. FML
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It wouldn't be funny if it was your arse.

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Go Nucks go! Girls don't have peepees?

54- seriously? Shut up. How is your comment even related

Take some laxatives. Liquid poop goes a long way in helping a dry butt!

Why are you laughing??? Karmas goning to get you, then you will have it.

72, generally speaking, when you get something you have it. And it's spelled "going."

I did the same thing, it's acne medication and it really ******* hurts! Vaselineee

I'm sorry. I meant to capitalize on that but my iPod died right as I was about to edit. Although it sounds extremely painful (which I'm sorry about by the way) something about it made me chuckle on the inside. I'm sorry if I offend anybody, and OP look into Vaseline. I hear it works wonders.

So you essentially commented as quickly as possible just so you could get the first comment. Smart man.

First of all, I don't see why it matters to you. But if you must know, I was at first trying to see what would happen had I left it as simply lol, (comments and negative votes) and decided to change it a little too late.

Same thoughts. I know how the split lips feel, but not the other places. :D goodluck OP

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Maybe even baby lotion. That stuff works magic

Yeah, petrolium jelly/Vaseline is actually doctor recommended. Good luck with that!

Avene extremly rich cream for dehydrated and sensitive skin types, it should not hurt or react, good luck!

This is what you use $90 moisturizer for.

Aquaphor! If you have it.. Its like a healing ointment similar to Vaseline, I use it on my tattoos and it works perfectly! Sorry about the splitting pains though. :/

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Honesty I would try the baby rash cream. It can fix a harsh rash in a day on my daughter, so I'm pretty sure it could help.

Been there. Vaseline is your friend and don't get pregnant, it causes birth defects.

Neosporn, its petroleum jelly and has a mild steroid to help speed up the healing process... Also, for your lip try the menthol lip glosses at bath and body works, when I was on a super drying drug, it was the only thing that worked for me :)

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I find vaseline is too sticky for me, and only temporarily moisturizes. I recommend some good old sunflower, safflower, or olive oil. I use safflower oil as a moisturizer, and honestly it works better than any commercial, chemical filled moisturizer. It's a bit more work to spread and work in if you're not you're slightly damp, but your skin will thank you. Also, if you start taking flaxseed oil or fish oil, it'll help your skin nourish and moisturize itself from the inside.

Why not tell your doctor and ask for something not as dehydrating? I bet there has to be something.

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Try sitting in a tub of aveno or a tub of lotion

116, if it's what I think it is, it's a last resort drug. Extreme acne stuff. I've taken it and it's awful.

If it's acutaine that stuff sucks. I feel your pain

I think I had this exact same medicine. same thing happened to me

Yeah i bet its accutane, just constantly drink water and use vaseline and lots of moisturizers and creams and you'll be able to deal with it much easier :)

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Why are people thumbing this down? It's sincere. It must hurt. Some people are just idiots.

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Tell me about it!! Get yourself some witch hazel, OP!!

you know what's really shit? the fact that my dog just farted with his ass next to my face. better not get pink eye ******!

This must be santas new way of punishing people on the naughty list. Coal in the socks was getting old anyway. Merry Christmas!

You must have a... Splitting headache. YEAAAAAAAH

You get brownie points for apologizing.

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This is actually pretty ironic because I legit just finished reading the 'philosophers stone' before reading this...

Somebody starts reading a Harry potter book every 9 seconds. So it's not that odd. And Ron is in gryffindor and he's a bumbling idiot. So I can be.

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I must say- Gryffindor is the best. But if it was somehow magically possible to be in more than one house I would be in Slytherin as well.

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That must be a pain in the ass..

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He was making a pun mate, don't think too hard about it.

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puns on this website are typically over done and not funny . hence the thumbs down .

I certainly hope you don't get infected with gastro any time soon!

FYL, but you can still get topical treatments for that... Go see your pharmacist.