By zitgirl - 14/02/2012 14:14 - United States

Today, after 22 years of perfect skin, I woke up with a bunch of angry zits on my nose. I used a clay face mask that was supposed to dry them out. Instead, they were bigger and green. Today is Valentine's day, I finally have a guy to go out with, and my nose looks like it's rotting off. FML
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That sucks. :/ I hope you find a way to fix it. By the way, 22 years of perfect skin. HOW did you do that? :O

How angry were they? Shaking their little zit fists at you in the mirror and swearing?


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Tell them you thought it was Holloween. Chop off your dick and stick it through your empty head and shit to scare people. And to top it off, eat your girl out right before you leave so it looks like you just chomped off someones fingers :)

Ajjas, you try too hard to be funny. Stop.

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Lol, 1. Anyway, "after 22 years of perfect skin" = your life is NOT f'ed. Could be a lot worse.

hey,actually that's a good thing she found the zits, i went to med school and learned if that u don't have zits, you're gonna get wrinkles really early (age 35)

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hey atleast ur skin was clear for22 years?:)

I must say, in my whole life I've never come across an angry zit.

that's true ive had bad skin for 5 years and finally it's cleared up

It's ok if he really cares about you he'll look at what is on the inside... because thats what counts hope you had a happy valentines day!! ;)

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I think it's a weather thing, your body wasn't used to the heat that came on saturday

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since when do zits turn up all at once and only in one place? they don't turn green either. see a dermatologist.

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okay, that is hands down the funniest comment ever to be made on this site.

That sucks. :/ I hope you find a way to fix it. By the way, 22 years of perfect skin. HOW did you do that? :O

I'm sure there were a couple of zits here and there throughout the years. There is no way someone can have perfect skin ALL the time for 22 years. (And if you can.. what's your secret?!?! lol)

Oh it can happen, some women get acne towards their adult years and are totally acne-free as teens or at least get milder cases (I'm 18 and I have never gotten a zit on my cheeks). That doesn't mean just because you had minor acne as a teen that you're gonna get a crazy amount as an adult. To the OP, get concealor, the kind that comes w/ shades of yellow/purple/green and of course one that matches your skintone. When used correctly, it blocks out the red completely.

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has she never heard of makeup what a dip shit

I don't believe this one... You actually pay money to buy green concealers which cancel out the red of acne. You just put your normal foundation on and the green goes away. Plus, surely you just wash your nose really good and the green goes? The mask isn't made of glue, you know. If its true you don't know how to wash ;)

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if he likes you he won't care...jesus christ did you ever see the brady bunch? and i don't think any sentence starting with "after 22 years of perfect skin" can real end with **** my life honestly.

if you had 22 years perfect skin what did you do recently to make it break out in zits?

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i don't think the pimples are as FML worthy as that fact that OP "finally has a date after 22 years."

You know, guys don't care as much about spots and zits as women seem to think. I always see FMLs and statuses with people freaking out that they have a spot or something (I actually don't, but it happens in the movies and hey, when have movies ever lied to us?), but if a guy has agreed to go out with you, he won't give a shit that you look identical but with a little spot. Seriously, girls in general should stop worrying SO much about their appearance. [/fairlyignorantsexistanstereotypicalcomment]

I agree, and it works both ways. I've never found someone unattractive, female or male, just because of a couple of spots. Everyone gets them at some stage, most people on a regular basis. Not a big deal.

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Masks can irritate pimples...since it was last minute, you should've used a bit of rubbing alcohol on a Q tip. It works much faster than any other method and it disinfects. It isn't too late, hope you read this in time.

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My bad. She can chop off her dad's dick and eat her mom out and follow through. It still might work.

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Why do my comments keep disappearing? It's an irritation if one disappears, but they all decide to take a vacation at once. Just for the heck of it, I'll bet they reappear when I post this one.. Nope. Farewell my 3 comments.

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does the rubbing alcohol really work? I'll have to try that!

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@11 does rubbing alchohol really work?