By E-fail - 7/10/2020 08:53 - Canada - Bathurst

On yer bike

Today, I received my new e-bike. I could barely afford it but I desperately needed a method of transportation. On my second ride, I splashed through a fresh sidewalk. There was sidewalk in the chain, in the brakes, everywhere. There goes my brand new bike. FML
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By  Patrick Jenkins  |  6

In Toronto it is illegal to ride any bike on on the sideWALK with wheels that have a diameter larger then 24 inches. Nevermind your motorcycle (if it has a motor it’s a motor cycle) Only children and cowards ride on the sideWALK. Why should I be afraid to walk with my toddler on the sideWALK because you’re too afraid to ride your bike where you should?

By  littl3storm  |  29

a) shouldn't have been using pedestrian walkways
b) don't be stupid enough to ride through wet cement
c) fyl for lacking braincells