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Today, my husband passed a massive kidney stone. He is so proud of it that he wants to decorate our home with it. It is now sitting on my kitchen counter next to my produce. FML
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Ok everyone. I originally posted this FML as anonymous and didn't think it would make the cut. But it looks like I got a huge response. IT IS TRUE for all of you haters. My husband has been battling with this stone since September and he FINALLY passed it (after numerous X-rays and CT scans, ER visits, and going to see a specialist). It wasn't the size of a fist (like some of you had said) but it was pretty large considering it had to come out of a tiny hole :). It is not tiny by any means!!! It's decorative life on my kitchen counter will be limited because his urologist wants to analyze it. THANK GOD! As to how he got it out of the toilet for everyone who asked: He didn't pee into his hand...gross. It came out and he reached in the toilet with a gallon sized plastic bag covering his hand so he wouldn't be soaked in piss. His urologist gave him a strainer but that was on display in my bathroom for months and I threw it out...GO FIGURE! That strainer was huge though, how was he suppose to carry it around with him to piss in? On a chain around his neck?! The stone was easy to find because his was multi-colored (brown/black, and off-white). It has spike like features which looks scary and painful. He was going to get it blasted for everyone who still doesn't believe. The procedure is $10,000....and we don't have that kind of money (I'm sure our insurance would have covered some of it). Plus the blasting is not always successful. Every time my husband thought about getting it blasted, the stone would move around (just like a baby, lol) and he would be pissing blood for days. I had fun reading everyones comments. Hopefully, I answered all of the questions. Lea, Brad, and Brad's kidney stone :)

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I guess men feel the same pride for something they went through a lot of pain for, as women feel about a similar thing - babies HAHA :)


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That's really funny maybe if it's really big you could sell it on ebay to some doctors or something

Hey his produce with your produce...

That is sick and wrong in every way possible

No it's not. You know how painful that is? I'd be proud too.

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You know how painful cramps are? Perhaps she should paint the walls with blood once a month, too. She should be proud she got through it.

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Hahaha i agree those things can get pretty outrageous in the pain department... then again havent felt a kidney stone to compare the pain as well. Try going through it one week out of every month.

Im a woman and I will tell ya. Kidney stones are a thousand times worse then cramps. Even worse then giving birth to my first child. The first stone i had was the size of an pebble and I had to go to the ER every other day they pain was so bad. My 5th stone was the size of a quarter. Had to have that one removed. The most forgotten part about Kidney stones is that, though we women have our pains once a month, this is a stone possibly as large as your finger nail trying to come out of one of the most tender parts of a mans body. I've had 9 stones in total and my hat goes off to any man that actually passes one. It should be Framed.

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number 53- HAHAHAHAHA omgsh i love it =]

53 that made me laugh more than the actual FML did xDDD

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I guess men feel the same pride for something they went through a lot of pain for, as women feel about a similar thing - babies HAHA :)

Haha...I had the same problem...but eventually I decided on totally GROSS :D

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That is absolutely disgusting! But you should totally do it.

This just sounds like bull A kidney stone large enough to be used as a "decoration" would have been blasted or surgically removed

no matter how big it is you can still place it next to food :l

pissing the sand of the blasted stone is no picnic either ... but i'd have to agree 100%

Oh I've been there and done that..I'm well aware of the pain when it's passed it's only itty bitty.. I still call bull on the "sitting on the kitchen counter next to the produce" because I seriously doubt it's big enough to "stand out"

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are you slow? no one ever said anything about it "standing out" she just said it was sitting next to her produce, probably in a jar of some sorts. and if the stone is sitting in a jar next to an apple you don't think that'd stand out? c'mon now, think about things.

uhhh are you a bitch? I still think it's bull