By Ryley Jenna - 23/6/2021 11:01


  Today, I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me for a year. He doesn't see how texting and sexting counts as cheating. While I cleaned, cooked, payed all our bills and went to school, he didn't work. FML
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By  motoikkyu  |  13

Disrespect is unacceptable, no matter the circumstance, and it is clear you are not being respected. I am not down with that. Having said that, be aware that guys have skewed ideas of what constitutes cheating. To a guy, anything short of physical contact is NOT cheating, it's merely flirting. Social science (psych and sociology) have proven that the MOST flirtatious guys are OFTEN the most loyal and LEAST LIKELY to cheat. Seems counter-intuitive, but the data is good! Confident partners don't care if their man flirts, they know it won't go any further, ever. Take an extra step and see if this was just flirting, in your guy's mind, and if he was just getting stimulated and then bringing that sexual energy home to you, his primary (and hopefully exclusive) relationship. You might be surprised!

  core01  |  30

Guys always think when THEY do it then it's NBD. But when tables are turned it's suddenly cheating again. You know damn well if she sexted men he'd call it cheating

  Pycnogonida  |  16

Lol. That's bullshit, and you know it.

Unless they'd already agreed that sexting other people was ok, which clearly they hadn't, it's cheating. Full stop.
"Confident partners don't care if their man flirts"? You can say you're not down with disrespect all you like, but that shows your real stance, imo.
Respectful partners don't interact in a sexual way with other people outside of the relationship without asking or caring how their partner feels about it. No amount of mental gymnastics will make cheating like that into "flirting", and your uncited claims don't change that one bit.

By  haylstorm187  |  8

had that happen. it was someone he met in a game, talked for about 6 months before i found out... at least yours had a different ending, hopefully... a few days later i found out i was pregnant..🤦‍♀️