By Axelerate - 04/12/2014 11:09 - United States - Las Vegas

Today, after a few weeks of my dad setting up glue traps in the garage to trap mice, I found out what it's like to have a pigeon wander in and get its foot stuck on one. FML
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Hey all. I'll fill you in so you guys can sleep peacefully at night. My brother came home from lunch and was in a rush to head out back. His remote for the garage door wasn't working so he left it open. That's when the pigeon walked in. He called me to let me know and to close the door. I stepped out and I heard what sounded like a bird flapping like crazy. I checked around and I saw the bird's foot stuck on the trap. I had no idea these traps were set (they were under the space of the shelves we have all around) but I fit the pieces together seeing how we had mice problems a while back. I put on some gardening gloves to hold it while soaking the foot with warm water. He moved a little bit more to the point his bottom half body THEN got stuck. I ended up calling the vet and explaining the situation to them to see what they could do or anything else I could do. After the awkward silence, they told me I could bring it in for them to sedate and see what they could do themselves. If nothing worked then they would have to euthanize it. Feeling bad for the little guy I was getting ready to drive there when I remembered we had Goo Gone. I poured a lot on the trap and he managed to get off! He just walked out the garage door and I assume he flew away. I didn't follow it but haven't seen handicapped bird around here haha. Birds like to bathe and it's been cloudy and rainy here in Vegas so I'm hoping he managed to rinse everything off. :)

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Awh, poor pigeon :( I hope you set it free!

Also I'm 100% against these glue traps now that I know about them. I so little one time said to myself "poor mice" when I saw the mouse traps they had before using these glue traps and they ended up raising their voice and lecturing me as if I'm throwing the traps away or something. I think I've read it's illegal to trap a mouse or rodent and setting it free outside. Not sure but I'll definitely read up on better methods.


Awh, poor pigeon :( I hope you set it free!

My garage was made into a living room and one time my dad put glue traps on our couches and didn't tell us. Needless to say I sat on one and that stuff absolutely DOES NOT come off. It looks like there's eternal boogers on my favorite pair of shorts.

It wont. It's made to KILL what ever get stuck in it. Plus it's a cruel way to kill it. It will keep it agonizing to death.

Well, regardless, it's just as likely to be disease-ridden as a mouse.

Why are people disliking, it's a true fact.

When my brother and I were younger we found a full grown male pigeon outside with a broken wing. We already had birds so we had an extra cage he could stay in until he was better. We all have a love for animals so my parents let us do this as long as we kept him away from our other birds until we could make sure he couldnt pass anything to them. We named him Louie. Once his wing was better we obviously let him go free as he was meant to fly and was born flying outside rather than in a house like our pet birds. Hope he had a good life.

I'm not sure what I did to comment here but sorry about that. I'm using a tablet which FML is not really made for. The one we found had no diseases and deserved a second chance no matter what. Humans have plenty of diseases too. I'm sure you don't think the same way about people. Animals suffer just as much as a human when dying horribly and no one should kill any living thing inhumanely. Every living thing deserves to die humanely as nothing and no one should have to suffer while knowing they are dying or going to die. Just a random, slightly off subject, but revelent topic in the fact that it is about dying humanely: This reminds me that if you can put a suffering animal to sleep why can't humans have this choice, also? Of course, only when dying is inevitable because of a deadly disease or a VERY serious injury and living would be horrible/unbearable because of pain that cannot be helped much, if at all, or ever. If they cannot be helped to live and/or the physical pain is too great to live a happy, meaningful life ever again and they have comes to terms with dying while still having some dignity without suffering and "rotting" away then they should have the choice to be put to sleep peacefully, at any time. Especially when it's inhumane not to put a cat or dog to sleep when dying and/or suffering horribly. You can break the law by abusing animals if you don't since it is considered animal cruelty. What about human cruelty and human abuse by other humans saying they cant have the right to end their life peacefully instead of painfully dying slowly? Stage 4 cancer patients and people with AIDS are examples of someone that should have this choice. Our government can decide to put someone on death row for killing another human horribly and painfully. Yet our government won't stop another person from dying, horribly and painfully, from a disease? Our government wont let others choose to die peacefully? instead of letting them die in an equal or even more painful way than the victim of said death row inmate? The murderer is allowed to die peacefully and they chose to take someone's life, horribly, for no good reason. Yet, they wont let someone suffering horribly from a disease to die peacefully and they are innocent people? Do you really have to commit a felony, while in commission of a murder, to die peacefully? Does anyone else see anything horribly screwed up with this? Animals(which I love), and murderers on death row get to die peacefully, otherwise it's inhumane. Right? Yet some innocent person suffering horribly, while dying, is not allowed to choose to die humanely? Since when is it "OUR" governments right to give capital murderers better treatment than people dying and suffering from a horrible disease? Since when is it their right to tell these innocent people that they cannot choose to die peacefully and painlessly just like the law states that murderers(on death row) and animals should be treated.? I don't think the US government has any right to take this choice away from anyone suffering and dying.

This isn't the place for political rants.

Sounds like a.... Sticky situation! Anybody? Anybody? No? Ok.... :(

:(( that sounds sad...I hope it isn't hurt too badly!

First they run into glass walls and now glue traps, there is no stopping them.

If it was dead when you found it that sounds a little traumatising, sorry op.

Poor pigeon... For future reference pour finger nail polish on the glue trap wherever something is stuck. Might not work on all glue traps but I know it does on a few.

Omg yes nail polish remover lol I didn't catch that and I edited 3 times

that isn't safe for the pigeon though? Or any animal for that matter.

The polish remover is the lesser of the two evils-- it would surely die if not freed from the glue trap.

Do not pour nail polish removed on an animal. Instead use cooking oil. It will undo the glue and be fairly safe.

I bet it was flying around like crazy crashing into everything? That's what I would do if I was in the sticky situation.