By Anonymous - 10/08/2009 16:31 - United States

Today, I found out why my boyfriend gets so upset when I make jokes about him and his best guy friend being lovers. It's because they are. FML
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Maybe you can get a threesome out of it

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LOL at least you know now next time dont make jokes like that.

Ouchh... i am sorry... the only thing worse than being cheat on is being cheat on with a man...0o

I actually think that's better, not worse.

Yeah, it would be much better to be cheated on with someone who's not the same gender as you- it's not like you can compete with that.

Actually straight people tend to think that they turned someone if their boyfriend/girlfriend turns out to be gay so it feels worse for them. I know it's not true, but that's what other people think.

look up "guy love" from scrubs on youtube.

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That's nice. Maybe you gave him that idea, you know... ;D

is it in fashion just now to discover that you're boyfriend is gay? every third/fourth FML these days is about that... becoming worried about my relatioship *sarcasm*

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hey my ex-girlfriend also felt pretty secure about our relationship...then (you know what happened next)

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why would u be gay if a woman has 3 holes and a dude only has 2, plus a wpmans ****** and ass are b e a utiful

Leave. Just go to whatever dank hole you spawned from, and die there.

Just grow yourself a disco stick and win that man back.

it is like reeaaallly hard to grow a disco stick. just saying

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How many times have you tried? ;)