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  jwarwick  |  0

I completely agree--awesome. yes, knowing you'll have to fix the damage sucks, but give the boy credit for imagination and initiative. and expect more little surprises in the future-just roll with it honey.

  quent10  |  0

I wouldn't even be mad I'd be proud

hey Jimmy can you... what the hell!!!?
it's my secret entrance dad
you know what I'm not even mad, that's quite an accomplishment

  rlerke  |  0

#37 are you a registered offender and this word bothers you? Stfu faggot, don't get all butt hurt cause someone said that creepy fuck was a pedo.

  poppetsauce  |  4

I am referring to the fact, that, as she herself said, looks under 12. While adorably cute for a 12 year old, still gross for the married moustach'd fuckhead to be hitting on.

  The_Big_Mac  |  7

you shouldn't praise him for tearing up the damn house!!! That is the reason right there that our country is going to hell in a hand-basket, ignorant shit like that.

By  poppetsauce  |  4

Today, I found out that there is literally a parent so shitty they don't notice their kid putting a giant hole in the wall.

Call DHS, ask them for some free parenting classes.