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Today, I came home to my family remodeling our (extremely) out of date bathroom. I was SUPER excited to help them get it done. I walked down the hallway and opened my bedroom door to find a huge, gaping hole in my wall and my room covered in dust. I had to sweep every surface in my room. FML
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There's a hole in your room.. and you complain about sweeping?

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I was thinking of a good first comment.. oh well. your also the first moderated, bitch. but on topic fyl!

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#1, just look at all the people that care. *gestures to a massive, empty room*

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You mother ******. It's freedom of speech, dumbshit. Apparently the moderators are a bunch of mindless apes who discriminate against those who are first. Hey mods, look at #3's comment. Aren't you gonna delete it? After all, in my comment was the word "bitch", just as is in his. **** authority, I've got the 1st amendment.

Beer, *******, big-block V8s, and eagles. **** yeah, America; it's everywhere, EVEN THE INTERNET. News flash: The internet isn't the USA.

#82 is on his way to being banned for being a dumb shit. See, bitch? You can use naughty words but you can't claim first or any other number. If you managed to read the U.S. constitution, reading the FML rules shouldn't be so difficult.

thank god she's a woman, she already knows how to clean

woww shut the **** up bro. that's not even funny. why do guys have no respect for women?

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Waah, quit crying. You're house probably needed a clean-up anyway, since a woman who bitches about cleaning certainly doesn't have her ducks in a row. You probably don't like cooking, fellatio, or ironing either. You disgust me.

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I'm so disappointed in you right now.

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Very true, thank you. I can't even recall a moment of my life when I made a sexist remark.

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I'll make it up to you Anna. You surely won't be disappointed if I send you some frozen grape juice concentrate, so that will set things right again.

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Do you know why I'm disappointed in you, Tom?

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knibbsy 4

Treachery! I would never make an error like that. Someone must be trying to sabotage me!

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Ha! I told you I would find one.

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Zebrasofa must have been so proud of me for not being sexist that she threw a party. This party used so much energy that it siphoned some from my phone, and caused it to malfunction and input punctuation that I didn't enter.

you are ****** awesome felatio should be mandatory. along with cleaning

You want to make a mistake as treacherous as *you're again, you can kiss Vermont good-bye. It seems harsh, I know, but I have confidence that you'll learn. ;)

I like how someone came along and ticked the thumbs-down for everyone aboveme. Hee hee!

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what did u expect??!! they're REMODELING ... YDI

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Hooked on Phonics didn't work for you.