By shygurl434 - 15/03/2010 09:14 - United States

Today, the boy I like finally acknowledged me. He came up to me and uttered two words: "Nice pooper." FML
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thats a good thing

nice pooper? really. how old is he? hahaha....


thats a good thing

And? Just ask how big his ding-dong is, and then you'll be even.

say nice clit and be done with it

Clit??? did u just say clit??? IT A DUDE THAT "COMPLIMENTED" HER. WHY WOULD YOU SAY "Nice clit"???

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

Guys don't have clits

complemented* (Dont u hate the anit-flood crap)

Yea. The guy could of said it more respectful though. Like for example, "Hey you have an amazing body....I would love to see you naked" =D

13 BIG fail us guys don't have clits retard

MF12 0

Compliment is to praise somebody. Complement is when things go well together. ex- "That blue shirt complements your eyes nicely!"

it was supposed to be a comeback, fools!

applesuckers 0

#13 was making a joke. The guy had said something rude to the OP, so the OP should say something rude back. #13 was saying that the OP should basically call that guy a p*$$y.

is this the first fml from preschool?

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He must have been having a crappy day and it just slipped out...

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now you can move on with your life.

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I believe they ment clit because they say a dude with a 2 inch penis is not a penis but a large clit lol

Applesuckers FTW. It's sad that so many people on this site are so damn SLOW.

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ydi for liking trashy retards

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yes hate it!!!

xundria 5

Actually, 14 and 15 you're both wrong. Guys do technically have "clits." I say this because the muscle that makes up the "clit" in the female is the same exact muscle in males in our penis that absorbs blood to allow us to have an erection. Be a little more edumacated please. :) Have a nice day!

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

Don't be a fag xundra

xundria 5

Yeah, I'm a fag because I have a little intelligence. You're cool Mr. "internet bully."

I would love to see a Hallmark card that says "nice pooper"

you should take that as a compliment!

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wow retard

Holy crap, they don't?!

xundria, you kick ass. Bio that Bitch!

xundria 5

lol 84, thanks =p

technically guys do have a clit. male and female bodies are the same early on in the womb, and later form. clit turns into a penis for males, and ovaries descend and become testicles as the bodies change. hence why the ******** gets harder when aroused. it's like a mini wiener with an erection essentially.

hotscar 3

14, it could have been making fun of him or being an ass because he was rude

xundria 5

Thank you 89 for stating what I already said. :)

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

It's not a ******** bc it turns into a ****

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YDI for having a nice pooper.

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that's the point of the come bak

today the guy I like complemented me. fml I don't think so op

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UFO for havin a nice pooper

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19..yes 20..whats ur pic of

XCaLX_fml 0


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@22, the way i took it, It's meant to be an insult, saying he has a tiny penis.

evryone hating on #13 they aren't retarded it's a joke so shut up

xundria 5

Lol 104, what're you trying to say?

xundria 5

@94: You don't seem to be so intelligent. Do a little research on the human anatomy before trying to seem like you are. The "********" is made up of the same muscle that in males absorbs the blood causing what you and I and everyone else knows as an "erection." Humans are born in both the same body, just like 84 said, females ovaries are our balls.

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13 is suggesting the guy is a woman.

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you should have pulled down your panties and pooped a cute lil turd out and handed it to him and said thank you! tastes as good as it looks!!

I don't get how this is a FML oh **** your life a guy complamented you this isn't a FML

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at 22 I love how you have to proclaim your manhood. it was a joke. odviously guys don't have clits, so she would be implying he was a girl. ********

Fatalally 4

#13 Isn't suggesting the other person is a girl -.- I'm not even going to explain it because countless people have already.

hahaha that dude has the mad lines. fyl indeed

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way to pick 'em, OP.

boys now have clings....., I'm scared for myself

MiGman 5

#22 that's exactly the point because it's calling the guy a girl

13- niceeee :D 22- that's the POINT dumbass!

you spelt it right the first time

38 you just ruined my life with that joke

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ur smart :)

nice **** babe

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take the complement

nice pooper yeah thts one hot compliment .. I should start saying it maybe i'll get some ass

Maybe you'll get some pooper?

because that's not creepy at all...

Dwight_A_R_Manag 0

how's it creepy? it's not like he said I want you to put your pooper on my face..

women are so up tight... just smile, blush, and walk away... he knows that he just gave you something to later talk about with your friends, (and then we become the "topic of conversation")

nice pooper? really. how old is he? hahaha....

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it's cute (: not an fml!


amayasoma 19


aha well I guess I find it creepy because there is a kid who says the on my face part to me. it's just awkward.

ahhhmber you are so funny. Is it awkward before or after you let him pooper on your face.

That's kinda weird, but a compliment none-the-less, I suppose. How old is this 'boy'? He sounds five.

So this cute girl walks by right? Her dog is just adorable so I told her she had a nice pooper, she blushes and runs off right? Weird I didn't know girls were so sensitive about their dogs... Oh yeah she also had a nice anal cavity, I wanted to put it on my face.

nice pooper WTF I think he's reffering to ur asshole not ur ass idk...start likeing someone else he's obviously a fagg