By gmd05 - 31/07/2012 14:28 - United States

Today, I met my boyfriend's grandma for the first time. Trying to make a good impression, I offered to wash the dishes. I accidentally broke the faucet. FML
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Water you thinking? Just faucet, that was an epic fail on your part.

OP is going to look like a broken faucet?


Oh wow, it could have been worse :)

Hahaha that sucks at least you know what you might look like in the future...

Haha wow I just realized I clicked on the wrong comment xD

OP is going to look like a broken faucet?

I assume you meant the "hot mom" FML just below this one?

When you phrase it "trying to make a good impression," it sounds as if it's something you normally wouldn't do. You deserve it for being fake.

Its alright OP, I'm sure she knows you were trying to help and not purposefully breaking her stuff.

If she's anything like my grandma she won't.

How do you even break a faucet? Ive never seen someone break one before, other then movies.

"Oh this is a nice faucet you have!!! How do you wor- *PSSSSHHHHHHH* No! It's alri- *PSSSHHHHHHHH*" *jumps out window*

Ssssssshit *explodes like a creeper*

#33- Yes, there are some gifted people out there... After the fact I would have taken OP aside and said "Now this is why we can't have nice things."

35 - That's when the room floods and the water leaks through the floor, creating a large hole in the bathroom.

Water you thinking? Just faucet, that was an epic fail on your part.

Lol how punny of you

I would probably break down in laughter. Unless she got angry. Then I'd cry. xP

Dont you just hate it when you try to use the sink and your awesome strength breaks the sink.

I understand you were trying to help and be nice, but how did you manage to break it? Did you falcon punch it to turn it on it something?

OP obviously Hulk smashed it. Duh.

PERFECT example of how bad things happen to good people :( sorry OP, you were just trying to be nice and give a good impression. FYL you didnt deserve it.

FML is a pretty good example of that. atleast part of the time.

#17 that is very true! execpt for the stupid ones.

Aw that's so sad! Sometimes bad things happen you're trying to do good. Truly an FML.

There's a button for that

did you get the dishes done tho?