By iams - 30/08/2018 06:00

Today, I found out my mom is banging my ex-boyfriend's best friend. He’s 22 and my mom is 50. Oh, and not only does my ex know, but so does the whole town. FML
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A cougar problem in a small town? Now that's a rare sight

At least it's not your ex.


A cougar problem in a small town? Now that's a rare sight

Sorry your mom has game.

Who's Stacey? And what was her FML?

You're missing out on a great song

Google Stacey’s mom and “fountains of Wayne”

BigSloppyMeowMix 9

I hope you get tc of the week, lol.

This is so inappropriate! Don’t hate her coz you ain’t her!

At least it's not your ex.

Well, I don’t think this is the worst thing. It could be your ex. As long as she is happy being with a younger man, even if it’s just a physical relationship, you should support her. She is an adult.

I fail to see how it's your ex-bf's problem who his buddy likes to slip under the covers with. Sure, it's unconventional, but they're two adults who are free to do as they please. If that's the most exciting thing to happen in your town though, that's a true FML right here.

EmbarrassedBigSister 9

Good on her, as long as she isn't with your dad anymore of course.

I wonder how people would react if the ages were the same and the genders were reversed 🤔