By jack - 23/04/2012 02:43 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, I found out why my girlfriend comes over for dinner so often. She thinks my dad is a real babe. FML
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Hey, be kind to your girlfriend. She is carrying your baby brother. Pass her an extra helping of mashed potatoes.

Maybe it's time for dinner at her house


She's probably just trying to make you jealous dude. I can see it with a brother, but a dad? really?

I guess OPs dad is a DILF... Just joking. Like 3 said, she's probably teasing you...

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I don't know, many women like older men.

The only woman I'd know of liking an older man is for his money. She's most likely kidding!

MischievousV 8

There are reasons why some young women prefer older men. Most of the time it's not for monetary reasons even though that theory makes sense for the popular media. Most of the time it's the personality and maturity of the person. Some young people feel more at ease around older generations than with their own even. Look into the psychology of attraction and you'll find variations along this spectrum. Our romantic and sexual partners vary widely, we cannot be neatly placed in little matching boxes.

61 is right, not all women that like older guys like them for money. Most teenagers and people in their early 20's don't act "adult" enough for real relationships with someone who wants to stay committed and in love. And there are some serious DILF types out there.

#61 I completely agree with you. I'm 20 years old, but I prefer dating guys a few years older than I am for maturity reasons; and I've had experience dating people my age, and the relationship was nothing compared to the one I'm in now. I'm very goal orientated, and I just don't want to waste time with people who aren't on that level yet. The guy I'm dating is 25, but yet he's the most mature guy I've ever dated. Not that big of an age difference, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So whoever said girl date older guys for their money, that's not completely true.

Maybe it's time for dinner at her house

Or just stop hitting on eachothers relatives

Siblings, twins, and cousins are still on the table however, depending on age restrictions

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Tell her that her mom is sexy.

Wow you changed your comment & now I have to change mine, you bag of dicks.

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Edited comment. Read again.

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44- Unless they believe that incest in wincest, no. Just no.

Cougar would mean that she is the old one liking a younger male.

If it's robbing the cradle for cougars, does this make the girlfriend a grave robber?

I meant the dad, not the girlfriend...

Cougar = Older lady who's into younger men. OP's dad is not a cougar.

middletoe 5

I believe the correct term for an older man who is into younger girls is a "silver fox". But OP's dad is not the one interested in the girlfriend (presumably), so it doesn't really count anyway in this situation.

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I'd say she's hoping he's a cheatah...

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You've got yourself a rival now.

Hey, be kind to your girlfriend. She is carrying your baby brother. Pass her an extra helping of mashed potatoes.

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I don't remember the FML saying that they did anything sexual... Either way, I laughed at this comment.

It didn't. I added that part because it's a huge possibility.

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Well... Depends how hot OPs girlfriend is.

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Wait a second.... Does this mean that OP is a mofo?!